Swiggy Order

When you are hungry, it Is tough to control that and suppose that you have ordered something, and it is coming late too. How frustrating can that situation be? This can be felt only by the starving person and while waiting, every minute is like a year to pass.

However, in today’s market, many food delivery partners have tie-ups with restaurants, and many have a deadline that if the food is not delivered at a particular time, it will be free of cost for you. You might have heard and read this many times. Don’t you?

The famous food delivery partner nowadays is Swiggy, and it is at a great craze in all ages, not particularly in youth. Swiggy orders are very rarely late, and if they are, what should you do, and what will be things related to that? This article is all about this, and this 3 minutes read will help you understand what you should do if your Swiggy order gets late and what all are the company’s policies about it.

So, Swiggy claims that if the order is not delivered in time, they will give a 20% discount on that order, and this discount will be adjusted either in the same order or in the next order.

When you order something on Swiggy, it will give you an estimated time on the screen when your order will be delivered to you, and if the order is not delivered to you on time showing on the screen, then you will be for sure eligible for that 20% cashback offer.

Why Is A Delay in Order Sometimes?

Swiggy always shows the estimated time on the screen when you place an order. This time is already with some buffer if there is any traffic on the way or if there may be any breakdown happens to the vehicle of the delivery person.

So, most of the time your order reaches you on time and sometimes it reaches you before time as well. But the uncertainty of situations and natural, unavoidable circumstances sometimes take over this. At your may get delayed, and even no one is responsible for this delay, neither you nor the company, but they still give that 20% Swiggy cash back, and this referral code will help you get your food at 20% less than the actual amount.

Please keep in mind that this offer will be valid for prepaid customers only, and this will not be valid on cash on delivery. Also, it is valid upto the order of Rs.1000, not more than that.

Return and Refund Scenarios:

In some scenarios, there are return and refund policies as well. Let us suppose that your food was supposed to be delivered in 30 minutes, and it is coming in 45 minutes or 50 minutes, so that is fine, and you may ask for 20% cashback for late delivery.

However, in some cases, the food is supposed to be delivered in 40 minutes, and it is delivered in more than 1.5 hours, and it will be cold as well so, in that case, there is a different policy of refund as well.

When you reject this food and write to Swiggy about this problem, they initiate a full refund to your original payment method. However, these scenarios happen once in a blue moon else Swiggy delivers the food on time

You may think that if your food is late, you must manage everything, and nobody will be helping you. But this is not the case. Swiggy always takes care of its customers so that you will get help from them, and your hard-earned money on food will not go in vain. Moreover, you also get Swiggy referral codes, use them and save on food too.

Happy Ordering and Happy Eating!