How to Cancel Order on Big Basket

The rise of start-ups in India began in the 2010s when Indians opened on the internet allowing new ventures and businesses to widen their audience.

This was also when a group of five people in Bengaluru set up an online convenience or provisional store named Big Basket in December 2011.

Big Basket has expanded its business as it sells groceries, home essentials, meat products, and even alcohol (only in Kolkata)!

In the pandemic, Big Basket became a lifeline for many families and bachelors in the urban areas. Big Basket became India’s biggest online grocery store with over 5 million users and eventually became a brand on its own.

The brand that famous Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan once endorsed recently came into headlines as the Tata Group bought a 68% stake in the company for a whopping INR 9,500 crore in February 2021.

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Order Cancellation

Big Basket is a trustworthy and reputed brand in the online market with cancellation, replace and return options for the customers. The order can be canceled by the customer as well as by the Big Basket team. The team at Big Basket only cancels the order from their end when they feel any aspect of the order is fraudulent.

The process of order cancellation from the consumer end can be accomplished in Three Ways:

  1. Using the Big Basket online app or website.
  2. Contacting the customer care executive via the Ask Us section or calling on their toll-free number.
  3. By asking the Big Basket delivery person to cancel the order. 

First Way: Using the Big Basket Online App or Website

One of the easiest and most convenient ways for order cancellation. All you need to do is to follow a few simple steps as follows:

Firstly, log in to your account from which you placed the order. Click on your account, and a dropdown menu shall appear. Click on the Customer service option. You will see another option of ‘cancel orders’. Click on it. Once you click over it, you will be asked the reason for the cancellation. Specify your reason.

Using the Big Basket Online App or Website

The steps in nutshell are: 

  1. Go to Customer Service
  2. Cancel Orders
  3. Select a reason.

Second Way: Contacting the Customer Care Executive Via Ask Us Section or Calling on Their Toll-Free Number

Recently, Big Basket added a section of Ask Us wherein you can directly chat with the customer care executive. You can talk to the customer care executive, specify the reason for order cancellation.

Else, if you are uncomfortable with the chat option, you can directly call the customer care executive using their number 18601231000. Moreover, you can also e-mail them requesting for order cancellation (though not recommended as the process can take time) at

Note: The customer care service is available from morning 6 am to evening 10 pm throughout the week, even on the weekends! 

Third Way: By Asking the Big Basket Delivery Person to Cancel the Order

Well, this is not the most ethical way for order cancellation. Big Basket has a policy of ‘Zero questions asked’ return and replacement. Request delivery personnel that you aren’t pleased with the delivered products, and return them.

Note: You may have to pay the delivery charges for it. 

Terms and Conditions for Order Cancellation

You must be aware of the terms and conditions for order cancellation. Big Basket doesn’t charge any cancellation fees. But you need to cancel the order before the cut-off period. Else, Big Basket doesn’t allow the consumer to cancel the order.

Cut-off period is the time taken for processing the delivery. Big Basket has a cut-off time of 7 pm (6 pm for Hyderabad) for Slot 1 and Slot 2 on the previous day of delivery, and 12 noon (11 am for Hyderabad) for Slot 3 and Slot 4 on the same day of delivery.

Once you cancel the order, Big Basket refunds any payments made by the customer to their Big Basket wallet as soon as possible.

You can also contact the customer care executive and request them to transfer the money back to your credit card and bank account (if used for paying the order). The process can take up to 8-10 working days.

Note: If the Big Basket team notices any fraudulent order cancellation, then they may not refund the money and even blacklist the account of the fraudulent customer.