Kickasstorrent is one of the most popular torrent websites available out there. However, there are quite a lot of users out there who are a bit skeptical of using the torrent website. Hence the question appears, Is kickasstorrent safe to use?

Well, if you have been keeping up with news, then you would know that kickass torrent was shut down. However, the website is live again. But there are lots of people who are a bit skeptical about visiting the website.

Anyway, to help you out, let me just answer the Is kickass torrent safe to use question. But before that, let’s just know about the kickass torrent website.

What is kickasstorrent?

Kickasstorrent is one of the biggest torrenting websites available out there. The website is pretty much famous as the KATCR. It is a directory of torrent files and magnet links. And it has established itself as the top player in the BitTorrent directory in the world.

Using this website, you can download almost every file. Like you can download songs, videos, movies, software, games, ebooks, and other files. As well as the website has a huge database of available files, which only increases our chance of finding the file we are looking for.

However, back in July 2017, this popular BitTorrent site was taken down by the United States authorities after its owner Artem Vaulin was arrested. And over the years, the peer to peer file sharing website became the world’s biggest piracy hub.

But the arrest of the owner did not let the website go offline. The website was reformed by unknown developers and people. And the website can be visited using different proxies and mirror websites.

Is kickasstorrent safe to use?

The answer to this question would be it depends. It depends on where you are located in, what your country has laws against privacy, and so on.

There are quite a lot of countries where browsing torrent websites is not safe at all, and it can drag you into legal issues. However, before cops knock your door you will get a bunch of warnings. Like your ISP or internet provider will tell you not to visit a torrent website. Even, they might block the site on your network.

Furthermore, they can also decrease your bandwidth. And even after that also, you do not stop. Then you might get into legal issues.

However, the answer for the Is kickasstorrent safe to use or not, I would say yes it is safe. But there are certain things that you need to keep in your mind. You may not get into legal trouble but downloading files using Torrent will attract viruses to your computer. So you will face a lot of PC problems later on.

However, the virus problem can be tackled by using a Good Antivirus program. But as long as it is about your privacy, I would recommend you to be 100% anonymous while you are downloading torrent files.

How to access kickassstorrents safely?

As you browse your favorite torrent websites, it is extremely important that you stay safe and secure. And there are a couple of options that you have to browse torrent sites anonymously. One such option is VPN. But as you probably already know that VPN is a paid service. However, there are two other options also available.

So let me just talk about each of the points one by one:


First of all, I have a VPN, and it is the most secure solution that you can check out. VPN is known for offering the utmost security and privacy. Also, they come with no log policy. As a result, they do not store any of your browsing data, nor they share it with the third party.

When you connect to a VPN network, you simply get disconnected from the normal network, and your traffic travels through a secure tunnel. As a result, it becomes absolutely impossible for the trackers to figure out your activities.

But as you already know that VPN plans can cost you a lot. But there are lots of free VPN services also available. But I would not suggest you to use them because they are not really reliable.

Tor Browser

The second option that you can try out is a TOR Browser. Tor stands for The Onion Router, and it is a way to connect to the dark web. However, TOR is also a browser that is anonymous and keeps your data safe and secure.

The Tor browser uses a collection of different servers. So whenever traffic travels through this browser, it leaves no traces. As a result, it becomes hard for anyone to track your activities down.

Also, the best part of the browser is that it is open source. Hence, you can download it free of cost. However, the only wrong with the browser is the speed.

Web Proxy:

Web proxies are pretty much like a VPN only. You can say that it is the web version of a VPN network. While using a Web Proxy, you can choose your preferred server location, and the website will connect your destination website while making you travel through the server location.

This way, your activity becomes undetected by your ISP or Internet Service Provider. So you can easily browse and download torrent from the kickasstorrent website. Also, most of the proxy sites are absolutely free to use. But not all of them are reliable.

Final Words:

So that was the answer to your Is kickasstorrent safe to use question. As long as you are browsing kickasstorrents anonymously, you are definitely on the safer side. However, unprotected networks might get you into trouble.

Hence, you can use technologies like VPN. The other methods are not so reliable. And if you are a frequent torrent user. Then I would recommend you to invest in a VPN application. It will help you a lot.

In case if there is any question you would like to ask, then do feel free to comment below.