Some users have been wondering whether the Vivint Doorbell has a battery or is it hard wired.

If you are wondering about the same, worry not, since we will be talking about the question and discuss what the Vivint Doorbell is, in case you are in the dark about the brand and what it does.

Before starting, one must know what the product is and what it does, after which we will discuss the brand.

What is Smart Doorbell?

We all know what a doorbell is, right? It is something that you ring to let the occupants of a particular house know that someone is standing outside. Now, coming to what a smart doorbell is.

This term smart seems to be one that is being labeled to every single product deeming itself to be smart.

In the context of the smart doorbell, most smart doorbells have cameras which allow the user to check who is at the door, since, usually you have to get up to see who is at the door, but, in the smart doorbell scene, you can view who is at the door through your smartphone. Seems interesting.

Vivint Doorbell, What is that?

Vivint Doorbell Camera

Well, most doorbells that claim to be smart allow the user to look who is at the door, but the Vivint Doorbell sends a notification to the user in case of both packages and humans, so you know when somebody leaves a package on your doorstep.

Some significant features are given below: –

Smart Notification: If someone approaches your delivery, the Smart Sentry mode activates the camera’s LED light ring and playing a sound deterrent through the 65db speaker.

Zooming Capabilities: The user can zoom in to check who is outside if one is standing far away. The camera itself is a 1080p camera, meaning good quality even upon zooming. This also applies for the night, so you can check who is out there even at night.

Easy Integration: The camera and other devices from Vivint can be used together to make or create a seamless experience.

After reading all this, you may be interested in the question asked in the title, as in, does the Vivint doorbell have a battery or is it hardwired?

Does Vivint Doorbell Have A Battery?

Rest assured, since the answer is Yes, meaning you do not have to drill it into your wall. It is a truly wireless device that features a battery that can be replaced easily by taking out the old batteries (present beneath the sensor) and replacing it with the CR2032 battery (two units are required).

After reading this, you may be wondering about the life of the battery since you may be wondering if you must replace the batteries every month. If you were wondering about this, no need to worry since the reliability of the batteries is one of its best suits. The batteries usually last for 3-5 years.

Also, you do not need to keep checking on the battery to know whether the battery is about to die since the notification is sent when the life of the battery is less or low. This will result in ease of access; hence, you will find it to be very user friendly. 

What are some other everyday things asked by the users?

Many users of various products have similar questions in their minds and, we will try to explain some of them in brief so they do not have to find and read separate articles related to the same topic. Some common questions and their answers are given below.

How to Change the Batteries in Vivint Doorbell?

Vivint Smart Home App
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In conjunction with the above question, many users want to know how to replace or change the batteries of the Vivint doorbell. If you too are wondering about the same, follow the steps given below: –

  • Get four Triple-A batteries.
  • Ensure that the alarm is disarmed, and your door is unlocked, since, while changing batteries, you need to keep the system off.
  • From the inside of the door, slide the cover-up and off your door lock.
  • Hold the battery pack to prevent it from falling, then pull it up and out.
  • Remove the old batteries and add the new ones.

How to Troubleshoot the Doorbell Camera?

One of the most critical questions related to the Doorbell camera is how to reset the device, in case of some issue. If you are wondering about that, do not worry, since that will be discussed in detail below.

  • From the home screen of the app, tap the Menu option in the bottom right corner, tap devices under SMART HOME SETTINGS, after which you will be required to enter your Pin.
  • Tap Cameras. Tap on the camera that you want to delete (in case you have multiple setups). At the bottom of the page present in the app, Tap Delete camera press Yes to confirm your action.
  • Your doorbell will show a green light, and it will start searching for your panel. This will turn off after 5 minutes, so be quick.
  • From the home screen, tap the Menu icon present in the bottom corner (as mentioned in the above steps), tap Devices under SMART HOME SETTINGS (also mentioned above), then enter your Pin.
  • This will result in the initiation of the search for the device.
  • In 5-10 minutes (Maximum), it will announce that the pairing process is complete.

Can Vivint Be Hacked?

A question that may be in the mind of many consumers, the hacking of certain other home security brands has made people paranoid. Coming to the answer to this question, as of now, the answer is No.

The reason for this is that the Vivint cameras are highly encrypted to provide additional security.
Hence, these were some of the additional questions related to the Vivint Doorbell, we hope this article has been helpful, and it has helped you in clearing your doubts.

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