Can Burglars Disable Ring Doorbell?

  1. In the wake of the ever-evolving aspect of digitization in the contemporary scenario, the software application has blessed us in almost every walk of life.

    Right from monitoring our daily activities to maintaining our houses, the list is incredibly endless.
    Among several other things on the trot, the ring doorbell is inarguably one of the biggest boons to have

    At the center of securing your house, ringing the doorbell gives almost everything you can ask for.

    However, there still lies multiple questions that are significant from one’s safety point of view before they eventually go on to have it for themselves.

    Are ring doorbells waterproof, how efficient is it, how to monitor them, and above all, can someone disable this gadget?

    In this article, we shall go on to explore this and know whether burglars actually temper the ring doorbells installed outside your houses.

    Can Burglars Disable Ring Doorbell?

    Can Burglars Disable Ring Doorbell?

    Despite any magnitude of the technological advancement that exists in the market. As a potential customer, it is essential for you to know that the chances and possibilities of any such devices being hacked by intruders remain.

    So, to answer straightforwardly whether or not it is possible, our answer is yes, it is very much possible. Ring doorbells are not intruder-proof, and specific ways can be used by the burglar to disable them and hamper the device’s ability to record the data.

    It is important for you to know to be very mindful before you blindly bank upon this device completely as your house’s sole security system.

    How Can the Burglars Disable Your Ring Doorbells?

    How Can the Burglars Disable Your Ring Doorbells?

    Now that you know that it is very much evident, it is again important for you to know how the burglars can actually make it happen! Well, many of you would know that just by the plain usage of wireless jammers, burglars can disable your ring doorbells.

    This happens as the jammers directly attack your house’s Wi-Fi setup. Eventually, this interruption doesn’t allow the device’s signals to reach the receivers, which implies that during the period this jammer was in function, the recorded data was lost.

    Now comes the significant question here. What is the alternative to this? Well, the biggest lacunae lies here in the ring doorbell itself, which is the inability to store the data due to the unavailability of the storage device in most of the standard quality ring doorbells.

    However, you can take a hand further to ensure safety by installing the ring alarm pro setup that helps you to store the videos that have been recorded in an SD card that is installed inside. However, there are a few more measures that are essential for you to take to not let the burglars disable your ring doorbells. In the section further, we will try to figure out this in a few points.

    How to Prevent Burglars from Disabling Your Ring Doorbell?

    How to Prevent Burglars from Disabling Your Ring Doorbell?

    The flaws of being easily susceptible to interruption make the setup of ring doorbell extremely unreliable. Moreover, it is the only home security system you have in your home to check on your home’s activities both inside and outside.

    However, there are a few ways adopting which you can ensure the safety of your home by bringing it in sync and cohesion with your Ring Doorbell. 

    • Have a Non-Wireless Device: This elite version of the ring doorbell uses power and internet connectivity via an ethernet connection, which implies this would help your home’s security system to be undeterred and be safe from any sort of threats of jammers. However, these are more expensive than the conventional ring doorbell, so keep a check on your budget as well.
    • Get the Protector Frames for your Router: Just by enabling the 802.11w frame, your frame would provide more robust protection from WiFi jammers that help as a shield in any form of disassociation attacks.
    • Monitoring Tool for The Network: This kind of device operates by providing you with an alert if someone tries or even gets successful in disabling your network signals. Well, to let you know more about it, jamming WiFis is an illegal offense. If you catch someone, you can take a legal course of action to put the violator under order.

    Can Burglars Hack Ring Doorbell?

    Can Burglars Hack Ring Doorbell?

    An additional section just in the section you are curious to learn more about it. The answer to this again is a resounding yes. This is simply possible because the data recorded in your device is being transferred between the ring application and its servers and is not encrypted.

    Hence, this easily gives hackers access to your network. So, now they can enter the associated device and have complete access to your data.

    Wrapping Up!

    No device is completely safe to ensure your house’s safety, knowing that this is the sole one in charge of the security of your most valuable asset.

    If you remain concerned about the question of whether burglars can disable the ring doorbell, then you can never negotiate by not taking some of the most crucial steps that we have detailed in the article above.

    These prevention techniques can indeed give you an upper age with just a plain setup, especially when it is about securing your house. There are plenty of options available in the market, and it is highly advisable that you get your research done properly before finalizing the best option.

    Hope that we have done justice by answering all of your related queries about the possible tampering of your ring doorbell.

    Let us know your views and suggestions if there are any other ways through which you can enhance the ring doorbell’s security in the comments below.