If you are an anime freak, you for sure have heard the name Gogoanime at least once in your lifetime. When we hear the term free anime streaming site, one can hardly not mention Gogoanime. Gogoanime is the one-stop site for all your Anime cravings. You get almost all types of anime content here. Right from classic to latest and most popular. But hey, how safe is it to watch anime for free? This brings us to the question of the day, Is Gogoanime safe?

Anime is one of the most popular and preferred entertainment means out there. Anime stories keep people entertained and there is hardly a substitute for the creativity anime has. One such platform that offers anime service is Gogoanime. So if you want to know more about it and whether it is safe to use Gogoanime or not, keep reading the article below – 

What is Gogoanime?

Gogoanime is a free anime streaming site that offers online anime content for free. You get numerous anime movies, short stories as well as TV shows that will keep you glued to this site. Right from Action, adventure, comedy, horror, you get a number of genres like romance, thriller, and so on.

The best part about Gogoanime is that the site is frequently updated. So you will get the latest anime shows soon. The site offers a vast range of anime content. As you might know, Anime has originated in Japan. And most of it is generally in the Japanese language. However, on Gogoanime, you will get English subtitles.

Another unique feature of Gogoanime is that you can directly contact the site authorities by simply filling out a form. Thus you can make suggestions to add anime or other such.

Is Gogoanime Safe to use?

Now that you have seen the overall features of Gogoanime, you might be wondering if the site is legal or safe. Well speaking of legitimacy, Gogoanime can be called a legal site that is offering legal content illegally. However, this does not mean that you will be punished for using or streaming on this site. However, the site developer or owner sure does have a risk.

Now Gogoanime is a free site and hence ads are a given here. It is certain that you will come across a number of ads at almost all times. But they are not as harmful since the content is absolutely free. However, what could get you in trouble is the download files. If you download files from Gogoanime or any such free online streaming site, there is a higher risk of being attacked by viruses and malware. Hence be sure to not download any files from such sites ever.

How to use Gogoanime safely?

If you are a person conscious about your safety, which is totally fine, here is something that could of use to you. Although Gogoanime is an unsafe site, you can use it safely by taking any of the below measures.

  • VPN
  • Tor Browser
  • Web Proxy

1. VPN Service

VPNs or Virtually Private Network is one of the best ways to hide your IP address and access sites that are banned in your region. VPNs help you access geologically restricted sites and also hide you from eyes that are prying on Public WiFi. You can also watch online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. But the most significant work a VPN does is protecting you from being tracked while you use torrent or illegal sites like Gogoanime.

Some really good and reliable VPN services are mentioned below. You can use any one of them to use Gogoanime safely. Just note that although these VPNs come at a price, they are totally worth it as they let you access content not available in your locality.

  • ExpressVPN
  • Hotspot Shield
  • CyberGhost
  • Surfshark
  • NordVPN

2. Tor Browser

If you are wondering what a Tor browser is and how a Tor Browser can help you use Gogoanime safely, here’s how – Tor Browser is basically an open-source software that enables anonymous communication. Tor Browser is one of the best ways to ensure your privacy and security online. The reason we have mentioned Tor Browser as a measure of using Gogoanime safely is that it makes it impossible to track or identify its users.

How to install Tor browser?

Here’s how you can install Tor Browser to use Gogoanime safely –

  1. Buy a reliable VPN service, preferably from above options.
  2. Visit Tor Project Website.
  3. Download the compatible Tor browser for your device OS.
  4. Now install the Tor browser.
  5. Lastly, hit the connect option.

That’s it. You can now browse through Gogoanime safely without worrying about a single thing. Using VPN along with Tor is the best way to protect yourself from prying eyes and explore the web.

3. Web Proxy

Web Proxy is slightly similar to VPN in hiding IP address. But the difference between the two comes here – Web Proxies or Online proxies are similar to search engines like Google and they Hide your IP address from the websites you visit. Basically, these proxies act as a shield between you and the website you are visiting. This ensures that your activities are hidden and nobody can notice them.

Web proxies are a great and easy way to access Gogoanime safely. Here are a few web proxies that you might find helpful in using Gogoanime safely –

  • KProxy
  • HideMyAss
  • Hidester
  • Proxysite
  • Anonymouse
  • 4everproxy
  • Megaproxy
  • me
  • NewIPNow
  • Whoer
  • Proxfree
  • HMA

Concluding words

I assume that you have by now finally found the answer to your question if Gogoanime is safe to use. Although the site is quite illegal, you will not be at any risk for merely using it. However, Keep in mind that if you are using a Safe way like the three methods shown above, you do not have to worry about getting into any trouble. But, if you use any unsafe means of streaming Gogoanime, you might have some issues. Hope the article helped.