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Author: Andres Walsh

Steps to Use Swiggy Genie
Apps, Delivery

What Is a Swiggy Genie?  

Swiggy is paving its way in more businesses and expanding its horizon. Swiggy genie is one such effort by the food online store company; Swiggy. The Swiggy genie was an idea of a delivery service which is to relocate anything such as lunch boxes, documents,…

Can We Pay Online on Swiggy
Apps, Payment

Can We Pay Online on Swiggy? 

Swiggy is a food delivery company. It allows users to order food online from nearby restaurants. The estimated time for each delivery is thirty minutes. This company partners with delivery services and restaurants and provides real ratings to the customers, making it easier for them…

How to Sell on BigBasket

How to Sell on Bigbasket 

In the last few decades, the world has changed drastically, especially the availability of almost everything with few clicks on your devices. Bigbasket is one of the companies that have made these experiences possible all over India by providing groceries, vegetables, fruits, and other basic…