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You had a long day and now you hungry? The last thing you want to do is grocery shopping and start cooking the meal. Hmm, can’t do this? and still Worried about what to eat? Can’t find where to eat? Why not order it online on Swiggy with a great discount using Swiggy referral code and get all the delicious food delivered right to your doorstep.

Swiggy is an online food on-demand application that gets your food delivered at your doorstep from over 35000+ restaurants across India.

You can use Swiggy to find food nearby, you can literally scroll through thousands of different restaurants and find your favorite food then you can order it via your phone and finally, you just have to lean back on your couch and wait for delivery guys to arrive at your doorstep.

That’s it! You now have your food here at your home or office and you don’t have to go outside at all, how awesome is that! Right? So if you are ready then let’s get you started on how you can sign up for this app and use a Swiggy referral code to get your food at discount.

What does Swiggy referral code (MRQSAD) offers?

Swiggy lets you order your food at a discount flat 50% on a minimum order of Rs 199 when your friend who has never ordered from Swiggy before, Sign up on the Swiggy app and uses your Swiggy referral code and make their first order on the app. It also lets your friend their food at a discount of 100rs on a minimum order of Rs 199.

Swiggy rewards both the referrer, as well as the person who downloads the apps using Swiggy referral code, get a discount coupon as well so both of them are getting their food at discount. Swiggy also rewards different discount coupons which you can use later on.

How to avail discount coupon on new sign up?

To order your favorite food at discount let’s start by downloading the Swiggy app on your Android or iOS smartphone. You can either visit this link Android|iOS Or you can search “Swiggy” on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Sign up on Swiggy App:

  • First of all download the Swiggy app on your smartphone
  • Now enter your phone number and verify OTP
  • After verifying your mobile number, enter the basic details like your Name and email address
  • On the Referral code option, enter this code (MRQSAD)
  • Congrats! You just earned yourself a free discount coupon using Swiggy referral code

swiggy sign up

How to get more discount coupons from Swiggy

Swiggy will reward you more coupons overtime and you can check your available coupons by following the steps below:
Swiggy Offer menu Option
On the homepage click on Offers, it will take you to a new page where you can see all the different offers from selected restaurants and on the other Payment Offers/Coupons tab you can see all your available coupons as well as some offers related to different Payment options.
Payment offer & coupon option
Here you can see I have a coupon available BINGE50 which will give me a 50% up to Rs 100 discount on my first order. We will use this coupon and guide you on how to order food at discount using a Swiggy referral code.

Here’s how you can order food at discount using a Swiggy referral code.

On the Homepage, Swiggy app will present you some popular dishes from different restaurants in your location. On the top, you can select a delivery time and you can order anytime from anywhere the restaurant will deliver the take away strat to your door.
Swiggy Front Page
On the bottom left you can see the Cart option where you can add your food before placing the order. These are some of the food item ended up being in my cart while browsing the app.
Now let’s pay for the order and use our discount coupon which we got by using Swiggy referral code (MRQSAD).

Here’s a quick demonstration:

Swiggy referral code applied
Before using my discount coupon the final amount was Rs 210 including taxes.

Right after I use my discount coupon BINGE50 the final amount changes to Rs 110 only which means, I have availed a flat 50% discount just by signing up using a Swiggy referral code.

How to invite your friend to earn free Swiggy coupons.

Swiggy lets you invite your friend and earn free discounts coupons when your friend signs up on Swiggy using your Swiggy referral code (MRQSAD). To invite your friend, follow the below steps:

  • Go to your profile and click on My Account
  • Now click on Referrals
  • Once you get your Swiggy referral code, you can directly share it on any messaging platform like WhatsApp or even copy the copy to share it elsewhere.
  • That’s it! you can now earn free discount coupons.
  • Now once your friend uses your Swiggy referral code, he will get a discount coupon which he can use on his first order and after he places his first order on the app, you will get a discount coupon too which you can use anytime.

Swiggy Super subscription and what does it offers.

Swiggy also offers a Swiggy super subscription for those who order food online frequently. The Super subscription will offer you some extra benefits like free delivery at a minimal monthly cost.
swiggy super

Benefits of Swiggy Super subscription:

  • Unlimited free delivery: Swiggy will not charge any delivery fee on any of your order.
  • No Surge fee and Exclusive discount: Swiggy will not charge any Surge fee and provide special discounts for their Super subscription holders.
  • Surprise offers: Swiggy will provide you exclusive offers on special occasions.

How to get Swiggy Super subscription:

You can get a Swiggy super subscription at a monthly price of Rs 49 (Rs 100 off) or get it for 3 months at a price of Rs 129 (Rs 220 off). We recommend you to buy the 3 months subscription because it has more benefits to it.

Final Words

That’s it guys, here’s how you can get discount coupons from Swiggy referral code (MRQSAD) to order food at discount. If you still have any doubts feel free to let us know.