The Internet of things has been touted as the next big thing in consumer electronics for a long time now. Many big and small companies have invested billions of dollars in research and development for products related to IoT (Internet of Things).

With the ever-decreasing size of microprocessors and computer chips, it is becoming easier day by day to connect any device we have at home to the Internet and control it using other devices remotely.

From light bulbs to the garage door, from home thermostats to our TVs, everything can be connected and controlled from smartphones or automatically using artificial intelligence and the Internet.

But even this sudden rise in popularity of IoT devices, home security systems have been the most popular and selling like hotcakes. That is why all the technology giants like google and amazon have been trying to gain a foothold in the market by creating their own smart internet-connected device ecosystems.

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Newly formed, Ring is one such company known for its internet-connected home security systems, most famous of the Ring doorbell. The devices are easy to use and do not need any maintenance to be done once installed.

They come with a camera that can show us who is ringing the doorbell even without opening the door, and everything is live-streamed to the smartphones connected to the doorbell. If coupled with other devices like smart locks, this can make the whole process of checking who is on the door and opening a door very easy.

This has been the reason behind the sudden rise in sales and popularity of the device. But as with all the right things, Ring doorbells also has a flaw. The battery in the ring doorbells has a known issue that sometimes stops charging or discharges faster than it can be charged. In this article, we have discussed the reason behind this flaw and how to correct it.

Hardwired Doorbell Is Not Charging

Ring doorbells have been known for their long lives and fuss-free ownerships. Once installed, you do not have to worry about them or work on them in any way. This has been one of the primary reasons behind their popularity.

But even then, it is a machine, and machines do experience problems eventually. One of the most common problems faced by Ring doorbell owners after a few years of continuous use is that the doorbell stops charging, even if it is hardwired to a power supply.

This can become a significant problem. If the doorbell is not charging correctly, it will not work as expected and can be a significant security risk for the entire household. The reason behind the doorbell not charging can be many, but a few commonly occurring reasons are:

Power Disruption

The power supply to the doorbell could be disrupted. Check the connections and check if the switchboard is powered or the switches for the power supply. This is one of the most common reasons people forget to check before opening the device and checking.

The reasons for this are many, and it is best advised to get the system checked from a trained electrician if you suspect that this is the problem.

Low Voltage Power Supply

Low voltage can also be the reason behind the device not getting charged. If the voltage supplied by the switchboard to which the device is connected lower than what is recommended by the company, it will not charge.

This lack of voltage can be easily checked using the Ring mobile application. If the voltage readings show good or very good, then it is not such a big problem. But if the voltage readings show poor or very poor, the problem is definitely because of the low voltage supply.

According to the manufacturer Ring, hardwired Ring devices need a voltage of at least 16 volts AC voltage to charge.

Follow the steps mentioned below to check if the voltage of the power supply is enough:

  • Open the dashboard on the Ring mobile application.
  • Tap on the Settings button to go into the settings menu.
  • Now tap on the Device health option in the settings menu.
  • You can see if the voltage reading is either Very Good, Good, Poor, or very poor.

If the problem is with the power supply and the electricity grid is all right, then the only way to solve the problem is to bypass the transformer system or use another source of power supplying the voltage recommended by the manufacturer.

To bypass the Ring doorbell transformer, the best way is to use a transformer to provide the voltage required for charging the device by stepping it up. A transformer with 16 volts AC output rated for 30 volt-amps minimum will be the best for this purpose and easily found on Amazon.

Follow the steps given below to bypass the transformer to the power supply circuit of the Ring doorbell:

First, for safety reasons, turn off the breaker for the house or the switchboard. This is the most crucial step since playing with electricity can be dangerous. Also, make sure that you have all the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) like rubber gloves, rubber boots, or rubber mats available. Do not work on a wet floor.

The ring doorbell device has its transformer, which we will be bypassing. The process of bypassing is easy. Open the protective seals of the new transformer and open the casing of the Ring doorbell.

Once that is done, remove the wire connections from the older doorbell( there are two wires screwed to the transformer) and connect the wires to the new transformer in the same way as it was done to the original one is done.

Follow the steps given below to replace the original transformer with a new one:

  • After bypass, the new transformer might take some extra space, which might not look good. So, we can also use the transformer to replace the original transformer instead of bypassing it.
  • To replace the transformer, first, turn off the MCB for the circuit and then disconnect the wires that are coming from the doorbell transformer and going to the power supply. Also, disconnect the two wires screwed to the transformer.
  • Remove the older transformer and keep the new transformer at its place. Now connect the wires as it was connected to the older transformer. If you cannot remember how the wires were connected, take a picture, and take its reference to reconnect the wires and connections to the new transformer.
  • Now restore the power of the house and open the ring app. Once the doorbell is connected, and everything starts working fine, check the voltage on the app. The voltage status should show Good or Very Good.

Doorbell Battery is Defective

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As we know, all batteries have a fixed life, which depends on their design. The charge and discharge cycle can also affect the battery life, and after one point, the discharging speed of the battery becomes higher than the speeds at which they charge.

This can be one reason behind the battery not holding the charge for a more extended period. To solve the battery-related issues, the best way is to contact Ring customer service department, the contact details for whom can be found on their website.

Weak Wi-Fi Network

One of the most common problems is that the Wi-Fi network is weak, and hence the battery status does not get updated in the Ring mobile application. So, check the Wi-Fi network and if it is connected to the ring doorbell device. Weak Wi-Fi also leads to a faster battery drain because the device tries to continuously search for and connect to a robust Wi-Fi network, which drains battery faster.

A New Firmware Update:

A new firmware update can sometimes have some software bugs which interfere with the charging or can cause the excessive battery to drain on the device.

Many times, while pushing out software updates, because of the constant pressure of adhering to the timelines of the company, the testing team is not able to test the software correctly, and many bugs, including some critical bugs, can remain in the update.

If the problem has started because of a new firmware device, then uninstall the update using the Ring mobile application.

Loose Wires or Loose Connections

Many times, the problem can turn out to be loose wires or loose connections either in the Ring doorbell or on any other point in the fixed-line. To solve this, check out the whole charging circuit and the wires for checking if there is any loose connection or broken wires which need to be fixed.

In many cases, fastening the two wires, which connect the power source to the Ring doorbell baseplates, has worked since that is the point where the connection can easily get disconnected due to continuous use of the ring doorbell.


Ring devices have been popular amongst the households even after some major players like Google Nest and Amazon in the internet-connected video doorbell market.

The main reason behind this has been the quality of the products produced by Ring. But even after having an excellent quality product, the forums of the company website are filled with small problems and niggles faced by some of its customers.

One of the most persistent and widespread problems has been the battery charging issue, many customers have complained about. In this article, we have explained why the Ring doorbell battery is not charging, even if it has been hardwired to the power supply and how to fix the problem.

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