Lockdown was a hard time for many individuals. Paying up for different streaming applications wasn’t possible. They charge huge fees and don’t even provide all the movies and TV series one wants. To ensure that every competitor survives in the market, they have to leave some film or another.

All of these makes it hard for a user to grab what they want. To solve the solution, 1Movies comes in with all the films and TV series categorized by genre, actor/actress, and the IMDB rating. Moreover, one can use the streaming site for FREE!

This gives all the content providers a hard time as they are losing on the customers who pay. 1Movies has a great motive for breaking the market monopoly, which charges customers a lot for their service.

Those accustomed to great user-interface indeed loved 1Movies at some point or another, especially due to the easy search filter and the huge collection of movies, which is incomparable to any other site. It is also liked by people irrespective of their location: be the US, UK, India, or any other country.

However, many are facing issues with accessing 1Movies. No matter how hard one tries, it always shows that the website isn’t working. Let’s dive more into the issues being faced and how to resolve them.

Banned in Countries

1Movies server error

Recently, the global ranking of 1Movies moved up to 195,897 from 214,052 (as per Alexa global rank). This is a considerable change and the primary cause of attention. With millions of users every day, countries like Australia, Canada, India, the US, and the UK had to ban the site.

This was a mandatory decision for different government officials. However, other sites provide the same service.

1Movies had cause loss to several production houses. Governments were left with no choice but to order ISPs to block access to websites that promote piracy. The Government brought down several other sites with 1Movies.

The citizens were severely affected due to the action. However, there is always a way out when the government takes such action. Individuals can look out for countries where 1Movies has not been banned. This way, they can use VPN services to change their IP address and access the site’s content.

1Movies is the most famous online streaming site which provides movies and TV series for free. This is the major reason for 1Movies to be taken down.

Well, VPN can’t be the only solution for users to access 1Movies. There must be a second way out.

Proxy Sites

To help the viewers with what they want, 1Movies came in with several proxy sites that can help one access content without using VPN services. Some of the proxy sites have been mentioned down.

  1. https://www2.1movies.is/
  2. https://www1.1movies.is/

These sites can be used to access the content on 1Movies effectively. Users don’t have to worry about their privacy as nothing will be hampered.

All their data are safe and secured as 1Movies provides a safe environment for the same.


1Movies is a fantastic platform for users to access every content they ever wanted. However, it has conducted certain copyrights breaches, and therefore, the site had to be taken down.

Whatever the situation might be, one is free to access the content present on the platform. They can use VPN services or the proxy sites available in the article above.

This is the best chance to download your favorite movies. Don’t miss the opportunity!

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