If you were sitting around and wondering whether SimpliSafe comes with a Siren, and how loud would that Siren be? Do not worry anymore, since we will be addressing this question in this article. But, before answering your question of whether or not the SimpliSafe comes with a siren and the loudness of the Siren, we need to discuss what the SimpliSafe is since there maybe some of you who are unaware of the brand, and what is it that they do. 

What is SimpliSafe?

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SimpliSafe is an American home security company that is based in the US. The company produces and sells self-installed security systems that connect to a central monitoring center. (As stated by Wikipedia).

To put it simply (Pun intended), SimpliSafe is a security-based brand, as evident by the name (Simply, Safe). Now coming to the different types of products SimpliSafe offers and what are their major features, those will be listed below.

The Major Pros of The SimpliSafe setup are as follows:-

No Long-Term Contracts, ensuring that you can cut the contract with ease if you want to do so, instead of being stuck with the product.

DIY Installation: The setup of the SimpliSafe Product is so easy that you can do it yourself, eliminating the need for an installation process, which would lead to additional payments.

Wireless Equipment: There will be no hassles with this product in terms of set up, as it is an entirely wireless solution, which means that you will not have to look around for all the wires and connect them. Instead, it is a completely wireless process, adding to the ease of setting up.

Alarm Works Independently (Something to be discussed in detail later in this article): The alarm of the device works independently, meaning you will find no issue in finding and using the alarm, and in case of an emergency, the alarm will be able to work, without any hassle.

60-day Trial for Equipment: Just in case you face any issue with the product or do not like it, you have a 60-day Trial period, meaning you can check out the setup in detail and, in case you are not content with the product, you will be able to return the same without any hassle.

Reputed Company: The SimpliSafe company is one that is the recipient of multiple awards, meaning it is a reputed company, which will add to the trust of the product in the buyer’s mind.

Some features of the SimpliSafe Security system are:

Does Simplisafe Work with Alexa

Design and Build: SimpliSafe products come with sleek and minimalistic designs that transcend the models of traditional home security systems, ensuring that they look good while doing their job.

Their hardware is proprietary, so you will have to get SimpliSafe’s gear to use the monitoring subscription (Pricing of all Products will be listed down below). The setup is entirely wireless (as mentioned above), meaning there is nothing to plug in, other than the power cord (without which the system cannot function)

A multitude of Features: SimpliSafe can use cellular or landline connections to alert monitoring facilities if a customer’s system registers a security breach. The alert goes out to COPS, an award-winning monitoring company that works in conjunction with SimpliSafe to keep your home safe. Monitoring is 24*7, seven days a week, so you can rest assured that you and your loved ones will be a safe day in and day out.

SimpliSafe’s hardware and monitoring solutions can also help detect house fires and other disasters beyond thefts/burglaries, ensuring your money is well spent.

Quality of Products: Users have reported that the quality of the various components of the SimpliSafe setup is fantastic, with the SimpliCam being amongst one of the best-rated products in the portfolio of the SimpliSafe brand.

Does the SimpliSafe Security System Come with A Siren?

The one you have all been waiting for, the Siren is present, but as an add on for just $59.99 and, it is amongst the best sensors available in the portfolio of the SimpliSafe brand.

Some FAQ’s

How Loud Is It?

The SimpliSafe Security System’s Siren has a peak loudness of 105db, which is more than adequate for most users. It is adequate to alert the authorities in case someone breaks into your home.

How Does It Work?

The SimpliSafe Siren can mimic the countdown beeps from your keypad. To set that up, you need to press the programming button (In Black) on the back of the Siren until you hear two beeps.

Is It Waterproof?

No, it is not waterproof. However, it is weatherproof.

Equipment Pricing

Base Station: The base of the security system comes bundled in the box (free) since, without the base, nothing will be possible.

Keypad: The keypad, which will be used to enter passwords to turn off/on the system and gain access to your home, is priced at $69.99, certainly a bit on the pricey side, but you have to remember it’s a use case and upon comparison to similar products, it is cheaper.

Entry Sensor: The sensor that will be able to detect whether someone has entered the house or not starts at $14.99, a lower price than other similar devices. It is advisable to purchase this since it will be among the best sensors, as it will be able to detect whether someone has entered your house.

Motion Sensor: One of the most exciting sensors, the motion sensor can detect when someone or something is moving, and it is entirely accurate in judging the movement of one’s body. It is priced at $29.99, and considering its use case, and it is one of the best sensors offered by SimpliSafe.

SimpliCam (Indoor camera): The SimpliSafe camera tops out at 720P footage, meaning you will not be getting the best of the best in terms of video output. However, the camera is one of the best-rated devices from SimpliSafe, and considering the relatively low price of $99.99, and it is a great option.

Glass Break Sensor: An impressive sensor, the Glass Break sensor, tells/notifies the user when and if the glass has been shattered/broken, indicating that someone is trying to break into the user’s home. It is priced at $34,99, and for the use case, it is adequately priced.

Panic Button: One of the most essential parts of the setup, the Panic Button, will raise the alarms and alert the authorities in case you are in danger. It is priced at $19.99, and for that price, it is a fantastic addition to your home security setup.

Smoke Detector: A sensor that may turn out to be a lifesaver, the Smoke detector will be able to detect in case something is on fire, as it will let out the smoke. This sensor is available for a relatively low price of $29.99.

Carbon Monoxide Sensor: Another one of the right sensors, the Carbon Monoxide sensor, can result in keeping one safe in life-threatening situations, since inhalation of Carbon Monoxide is harmful to health, and too much of it may cause death. Hence, this is a sound sensor and, for the price of $49.99, it is well priced as well.

Temperature Sensor: The temperature sensor will be able to detect the temperature of your house and allow you to maintain the optimum temperature of your house/office. It is well priced too, at just $29.99

Water Sensor: This sensor will detect if the water tap is on or there is an excess of water that has been left running (by accident). It cost just $19.99

Final Words

Hence, this concludes our article on whether the SimpliSafe comes with a siren or not. We hope this article has been of help to you.

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