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Are you looking to watch your favorite movies and shows this weekend but don’t have a premium subscription app? That’s the case with a lot of people who don’t have enough time to watch movies regularly and hence don’t want to invest in a subscription. Well, if that is the case, 1Movies is the place you need to visit.

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Whether it is the latest episode of your favourite TV show or the movie you have always wanted to watch, 1Movies can let you stream it all for FREE! Yes, you heard it right. It is one of the very few alternatives to expensive paid platforms.

So how do you use this platform? Can you download shows from it? Are there any hidden charges? Let’s find out in this extensive review of 1Movies.

Different Types of Media Genres in 1Movies

1Movies has an unprecedented collection of movies and web series in HD quality. You will be surprised by the variety of genres this one streaming platform contains. If you don’t have a particular genre that you love and want to watch shows depending upon your mood, 1Movies can become your go-to platform.

The variety of genres available on the platform also makes it ideal for the whole family. Whether it’s the animation movies your kid’s love or the action movies your brother goes crazy about, 1Movies has it all.

Wondering if your favourite genres like sci-fi might go amiss? Don’t worry, we have listed here all the genres 1Movies platform caters to:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Crime
  • Mythological
  • Sitcom
  • Sport
  • Thriller
  • War
  • Documentary
  • Family
  • Fantasy
  • History
  • Horror
  • Costume
  • Kung Fu
  • Mystery

And you won’t need to scroll through long blocks of text to find your preferred movies here. You can easily filter your favourite genres and get the suggestions that you are looking for.

That saves you from hitting a roadblock when looking for movies and tv shows to binge-watch. You can easily discover some of the most thrilling pieces of art using the platform’s easy to use interface.

Filtering the genre also saves you a lot of valuable time you spend searching for that show. Do you remember how many times you have wasted a couple of hours just searching for the right show that fits your mood? Well, you can now maximize that time by easily filtering your favorite content.

You will also be able to find an abundance of High Definition movies here. As per our research, there’s only a slim chance of finding a movie that isn’t in HD here. 1Movies also allows you to download your movies for those travel sessions where you suffer recurrent lags and lose internet connection.

Once you have watched the show, you can easily free up space by deleting those downloaded movies.

What are the Benefits of the Premium Membership of 1Movies?

1Movies is a streaming platform, and naturally, they incur costs in delivering you top quality content. They have to buy the rights to stream the latest movies and need a way to sustain the platform.

But they are determined to reach a large audience and hence have found a way to offer free content. That though, comes with the drawback of having to watch ads.

They cover their streaming costs by showing you ads in between your streaming session. Ads can be a quite frustrating watch for some of us, especially when we are in the middle of a spine chilling moment. Ads can spoil the fun of watching a thriller or a horror movie at times.

That’s why 1Movies offers an alternative option to buying a premium subscription. Here you will be paying a nominal monthly or yearly charge that would offer you uninterrupted streaming and unlimited downloads. And you can have one subscription for the whole family too.

Apart from ad-free streaming, the premium subscription of 1Movies is also a must-have due to the following reasons:

  • You get subtitles well-synced in HD quality when you buy the premium subscription. That helps a lot like a lot of times we miss out on what the actors are exactly saying, and that can ruin the experience.
  • All ads will be blocked, and you’ll experience ad-free streaming of content that lets you get in the groove without any distractions.
  • You can add your preferred movies to watch later by adding them into the favourite lists. That solves the common issue of forgetting a web series when you get the time 1 week later. Just save your favourite tv-series and movies to watch later on the weekends now.
  • You can download unlimited content from 1Movies after buying the premium subscription. That helps a lot especially if you have constant delays in your internet connection. The downloading movie is a lifesaver for people who like to travel and pass their time binge-watching. Internet connection doesn’t matter to you anymore.

How to remove Ads on 1Movies?

Most online streaming platforms either works on a subscription-based model or get revenues through ads. Perhaps you can try out this platform and watch content for free, although it would come with video ads. That’s unlike Amazon Prime or Netflix, where it’s a must to buy a subscription to get access to the content.

Ads on 1Movies

But once you are sure that 1Movies is the right platform for you, we highly recommend you to get the premium subscription, which enables ad-free watching of unlimited content. Advertisements can also be a threat to personal data as a lot of users accidentally click on the ad pop-ups and end up losing crucial data.

That can also cause a virus attack on your device. The best method to protect yourself from that and get the best of the platform is buying the premium subscription. It costs as less as $5 and offers a host of benefits, as discussed earlier.

How to Stream Content Like Movies and TV Shows?

1Movies provides a user-friendly platform that helps you find your favourite movies and tv shows in a quick time. Once you log in to the website, you’ll get access to thousands of latest as well as classic web series, movies, and more.

You can watch the content directly from their website, saving you from the hassle of downloading applications. The platform also respects user data and doesn’t need any permissions from your device, unlike other apps.

The website doesn’t even ask for a sign up which testifies how the platform respects user data safety. All you have to do is visit the website, go to the search box and start finding your favourite movies.

You can also filter your preferred genres, IMDB ratings, and more to find accurate results. The platform allows checking the IMDB rating and reviews from the platform. You can also check out subscriptions and decide what you are going to spend your time watching.

Once you zero in on a show or movie, just click on the play tab to start watching. The volume controls, subtitle controls are also quite easily accessible with just a click.

How to Use in Banned Countries?

1Movies is available in a host of countries, and the platform has hardly left any place in the world. But due to government restrictions or so, it might be banned in a few countries. If you are experiencing this issue, don’t worry.

We have alternative options that can let you access 1Movies from even those countries where it is banned. You can either get access to a VPN service or visit proxy websites.

When using a VPN service, you don’t need any software expertise. All you have to do is select a country like the US or the UK, where the 1Movies platform is available.

The other option is to go on google and search for 1Movies proxy. 1movies.to series, and such other proxies currently work. Proxies get updated regularly, so you’ll have to search for new proxies every time you want to access the website.

VPN is a better choice, in our opinion, although you may have to experience a bit of lag in internet connection when connecting to a VPN. VPN apps like Nord VPN also need a subscription to work, but there are multiple free options available on the internet.

What are the Top Trending Movies available?

You can’t have a consensus on which movies are the best and which are the worst. That’s because the preferences depend a lot on how people perceive things.

Some people might fall in love with romantic classics like The Notebook, while others may be fans of Christopher Nolan’s thrillers. Whichever fan army you belong to, there’s a host option for everyone at 1Movies.

But most of us want to be the first to watch the latest episodes of our favorite web Series like Money Heist. To get the hang of the collection at 1Movies and what you can expect, we have listed a few of the latest movies that you would have to pay heavy subscriptions to watch otherwise. Here are the top-rated shows on 1Movies:

Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Available in 1Movies

The animation movie was a breakaway hit in 2020 and is one of the latest sensations involving the iconic Jim Carry. Although the movie is rated at 6.5 on IMDB, it’s highly entertaining and has gained 93% likes on Google. We bet your kid doesn’t want to miss Sonic’s latest edition, and 1Movies is the right place to watch it.

BloodShot 2020

BloodShot 2020 Movie Available in 1Movies

The Drama Fantasy is another box office superhit of 2020. The superstar cast of Vin Diesel, Guy Pierce, and more makes it a must-watch this year. The movie was released on 13th March and has made a quick entry on 1Movies.

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey (2020)

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey Available in 1Movies

The female-dominated award-winning movie involves an enviable cast of Margot Robbie, Mary Elizabeth, and more. It’s a must-watch if you love action movies and have an inclination towards DC. Margot Robby is enough reason to watch this movie at least once this year.

What are the top trending Web-series available on 1Movies?

Web Series are the new trend because of their ability to hook the audience and talk about the intricate details that move you. Be it Peaky Blinders or Breaking Bad, we can’t deny rewatching the series again and again.

Web series can create a lot of curiosity, and there’s also some competition in who watches the latest episode first. Here are a few trending web series that you’ll find on 1Movies:

Money Heist Season 4

Money Heist Poster

Easily the most awaited web series of this year worldwide, Money Heist could be watched exclusively on Netflix. But 1Movies provides a cost-effective alternative to Netflix and allows you to watch La Casa De Papel 4 in HD quality with subtitles. The show has an intriguing plot, and you can’t binge-watching it.

DCs Legends Of Tomorrow Season 5 (2020)

DCs Legends Of Tomorrow Season 5

Another masterpiece from the DC universe, Legends of Tomorrow, has come with another breathtaking season. If you love action movies and DC, you can’t miss season 5 of this marvelous series.

The Walking Dead, Season 10 (2019)

The Walking Dead Poster

The Walking Dead is easily one of the most iconic web series based on the zombie apocalypse. The large ensemble cast of survivors and breathtaking action makes for a power-packed binge-watching session. Apart from the struggle with the zombies, the show also opens up facets of mankind as humanity falls.

Final Words

We have now covered all you would need to know before trying out the 1Movies streaming platform. If any questions are left in your mind, we have covered those in the FAQ section. If you can’t access 1Movies and start your unlimited fun ride, try searching for proxies and VPNs, as discussed earlier.

Frequently Asked Questions -FAQs

Is 1Movies website illegal?

Yes, the 1Movies website isn’t legal since they haven’t bought the rights to stream movies and web series. That is the reason why you can watch so much unlimited content at just $5 or even free. The government might repeatedly ban 1Movies, but the site has survived that for quite a long time.

Is it safe to access 1Movies?

While the website is safe to use, that can’t be said about the ads. That’s why we recommend you to buy the premium subscription and use VPN to access it. That would save you from malware pop-ups and more.

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