When Jimmy Carter installed the first solar panels on the White House in 1979, it was a signal to the world that solar energy was the future.

Solar power experienced some setbacks. Recent years have shown it to be a durable, reliable, and most important, clean source of energy. Aside from cutting your utility costs and saving the earth, Virginia homeowners can now get rebates and this will let them come out of 1Movies where most of them spend their time.

Thanks to recent legislation, industry experts predict a boom in the Virginia solar industry.

There are so many great reasons you should install solar panels. Read on to learn more about them.

Virginia Clean Economy Act

Signed into law this past year by Governor Northam, the Virginia Clean Economy Act aims to wean Virginia off of carbon fueled power by 2050. It achieves this goal by incentivizing large power companies to build renewable energy infrastructure.

Though not an outright ban on fossil fuel production and use, the VCEA relies on the retirement of outdated facilities and replacement with modern, renewable energy production facilities.

While this may not have much to do with home solar power systems, government incentives for solar production will bring the cost down on new technology.

Non-Profits to the Rescue

The Local Energy Alliance Program aims to help homeowners with solar panel installation. This group’s Solarize program incentivizes homeowners to install solar panels through their bulk purchasing and installation from solar companies.

LEAP can save homeowners who wish to install solar panels 10-15% of the total cost through this program. LEAP expects a wide expansion of their program thanks to the VCEA, with the current 1% of solar power jumping rapidly.

Why You Should Install Solar

First and foremost, you should consider home solar panels to save money. The U.S. Government offers a 30% tax credit on the total installation cost.

The savings also extend to your utility bills. On days with a lot of sunshine, you can expect to power your whole house at net-zero energy consumption. Even days with little sun can give you enough power to decrease energy grid usage.

Another reason to invest in solar is increased home value. As solar panels become more sought after commodities, any home with a system already installed will increase in value.

Estimates show a house’s value increases $9,274 in median value with installed solar panels. Homeowners should expect to see their home values rise even higher in the upcoming years.

Aside from money, environmental concerns remain the biggest reason anyone should consider home solar installation. If you have the means, social responsibility in energy consumption is akin to any other civic duty.

Virginia Solar Power Future

Thanks to favorable legislation like the VCEA, federal tax incentives, and the hard work of the non-profit sector, Virginia solar power will boom. Though it’s taken a few years, renewable solar energy is the future.

With massive utility bill savings, an increase in home value, and the environmental impact, why wouldn’t you turn to home solar energy?

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