Lockdown was depressing. All of us had to stay back at home and cheer ourselves without any job to do. Many resorted to streaming applications like Netflix and Amazon Prime, but they ended up paying huge subscription fees. To deal with the situation, free streaming websites were the only resort. One such amazing platform is 1Movies.

1Movies has been a one-stop solution for many users as they can find all the different films and TV series on this website. With a vast database, the website comes in with all the movies one can think of. Beginning from Hollywood, the website covered all the films from Bollywood as well.

Issues with 1Movies

Looking for the problem about Why is 1Movies not working?

However, there have been certain issues with the site recently. Several users had to face problems as the site was down. Whatever users tried, it failed miserably. Well, one must know a few things about 1Movies before dealing with the situation.

  • 1Movies is a pirated site as it doesn’t have legal authority over the content it has. Whether it be any movie, TV Series, or web series, all of them are pirated.
  • This illegal activity has been causing a huge loss to the production house. This led to huge reports against pirated websites all over the internet.
  • To tackle the situation, the government had to intervene and stop such fraudulent activity. Therefore, it was strictly advised to take down the website as soon as possible.
  • Countries like the UK, USA, India, Canada, and Australia have banned the website.

Pirated sites carry malware and viruses on their site. With different pop-up advertisements, these unwanted files can be downloaded on your device, causing issues in the long term.

However, it is different for 1Movies. Users are always happy to leave a positive review of the website. Whether it be the user-interface or the content it provides, the users were always satisfied with it. 1Movies claims to be 100% safe and secure for the users as it understands the importance of privacy.

To deal with the situation, we have two different ways via which users can access the content.

Use VPN Application

To deal with the situation, users can change their IP address to a different location. Users can locate a country where the website hasn’t been banned and change their IP address to that country.

This is an old technique that works out every time. However, the internet speed might slow down. Therefore, the users might have to resort to downloading the movies instead of streaming them.

Use the Proxy Sites

Developers can always foresee the future. They were prepared for something like this. 1Movies has several other proxy sites on the website to access the content with full freedom.

However, these proxy sites keep changing with time, and it gets hard to keep track of them. Users can use the following proxy site to stream their favorite content.

  1. https://www1.1movies.is/
  2. https://www2.1movies.is/

These sites are working currently and are fully safe to access.


1Movies is my personal favorite due to several reasons. It is a harsh reality that many countries are implementing lockdown again. The only way to deal with loneliness and boredom is by resorting to streaming platforms. Using the way out mentioned above can help an individual watch their favorite movies for free.

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