Is it Safe to Use Big Basket?

With an increase in online transactions, sharing personal data has become a common practice. Making accounts on various applications to get their services requires you to submit your name, Email ID, phone no, and various basic information. There’s always a concern at the back of our minds about whether it is safe to share the information or not. 

Have you ever felt fear while sharing your data online? 

Due to an unfortunate set of events that happened in one of the online platforms, Big Basket, a lot of individuals had to face the consequences.

Big Basket owner and CEO Hari Menon confirmed the news of the data breach. They had also informed the cybercrime police. 

What Happened in 2020 at Big Basket?

What Happened in 2020 at Big Basket?

The convenience of delivering groceries at the best rate brought a higher customer base to this venture. However, little did the customers know that their data was at a huge risk.

With the onset of coronavirus in 2020, people depended on home delivery of their essentials instead of going to the market. This led to an increase in BigBasket’s customer base. 

While logging on to BigBasket, they ask for basic details like name, address, phone number, email address, and date of birth. Post login, the user can also add their credit/debit card details for easy transactions.

The application stores all the data and assures that the customer receives their delivery and notifications on time. However, in November 2020, data of 20 million BigBasket users was leaked. 

This data included the user’s email IDs, addresses, phone numbers, potential hashed OTPs, IP addresses, DOB, and user aggregator interactions on the BigBasket application.

The hacker known as “ShinyHunters” was responsible for the breach of this data. The same hacker made this data of 20 million users available for free download on a cybercrime forum known as the dark web. 

What Actions Were Taken?

What Actions Were Taken? .png

BigBasket took responsibility for the breach and immediately filed a complaint against the hackers. They assured the privacy and security of their customers while talking about the breach.

According to what the BigBasket representatives shared, only phone numbers and addresses were leaked. No credit/debit card details were shared during the breach. They shared about the security of financial data and assured that it was safe with the company. 

After the leak, BigBasket has taken the necessary actions to secure the system and avoid any such breaches in the future. They have eliminated the hashed passwords and introduced the OTP system to enhance the confidentiality and security of the data. 

About the Hackers Who Hacked Big Basket – Shiny Hunters

About the Hackers Who Hacked Big Basket - Shiny Hunters

BigBasket was attacked by a group that has been hacking businesses since 2015. In 2016, there were reports that these hackers terrorized and were extorting organizations.

They began selling stolen medical records and gained popularity due to that. The extortion of medical providers brought them a lot of attention. However, they did not stop there. They moved ahead and carried on the same activity with many other companies. 

Some of the ways they attack you on an individual level are by sending links in emails, messages, and social media platforms. Avoid clicking on any link that comes under the name BigBasket. Verify whether it is the original website or a mere copy.

Avoid opening any attachments or sharing your OTP. Only share your data on the official websites and BigBasket applications. Keep the passwords a merge of alphabets, numbers, and signs.

Avoid using date of birth, name, or any personal information as your password.  

How to Check if Your Data Has Been Breached and Stay Safe?

How to Check if Your Data Has Been Breached and Stay Safe?

This platform allows you to check your data’s exposure to the dark web. Enter the email address you normally use to register on the applications and press enter.

You will be informed about the number of breaches of your data. Knowing which platforms are trustworthy and how you can take care of your data during these growing threats is necessary. Avoid entering your credit/debit card details to the extent possible on such platforms. 

Data breaches are among the biggest threats today, as we live in a digitalized world. One of the best practices you can follow to safeguard your data is changing passwords regularly.

Adding two-step verification or any extra security provided by the application or website can enhance the security of your accounts. Using basic safety measures will help you remain safe on any platform, not just BigBasket.  

Is It Safe to Use Big Basket Now?

The company has enhanced and improved its data security to protect the customer’s details. So, it is safe to use the site with better systems.

However, the risk of breach always remains in the digital world. As we discussed above, it is necessary to remain updated about the happenings in the technological space and update yourself. 

The history of BigBasket sure gives you a little doubt whether you can trust them or not. Safety matters can be concerning when it comes to our data.

However, the responsibility taken by the representatives and changes made in the system are a sign that the company is working to enhance the user experience and protection.

To better understand their policies about privacy and personal information, you can also refer to their website.