How to Get Free Swiggy Money

Swiggy is a convenient way to get your hands on a quick bite and/or even a proper dinner. All at the top of the smartphone screen and a little bit of patience. The food gets delivered right at the doorsteps.

Swiggy connects the customers with restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and other food and beverage selling places. The payment can be made offline as well as offline. One of the best th9ngs about the app is that it is not just convenient, but one can also track their orders and see how much time it will take to arrive.

The home-delivery app for foods is very famous among people of all ages, and just like other online apps for any purchase, Swiggy comes with some exciting offers, discounts, and coupons from time to time.

Anyone can avail of these offers and coupons and get some free Swiggy money or a discount on their orders. A sweet deal for the consumers, right? Let us look at the few ways through which anyone can get their hands on some free Swiggy money:


This coupon works for rupees’ orders 99 and above, and is available to all users, be he/she old or new. Using the coupon, one can get a discount or up to rupees 100 on their orders, through any type of payment, I.e., online or offline. There are terms and conditions that the offer may be valid on a few selected restaurants or might not work on a few.


This one is a great offer that provides free Swiggy money in the form of 50% off on the orders. So, in a way, it gives free money of half the amount of the order placed that is used on the app itself. However, the maximum amount that it can deduct from the order is rupees 100. The other condition with it is that the order should be of at least rupees 129.


For those who are new to the app, or the website, or have a new account for any reason, they can get a fifty percent discount on their total order for their first five orders. The coupon can give a total discount of up to 100 rupees. This is a great offer because it can be repeatedly used multiple times.


This is the last best Swiggy free money coupon in the list, which is available universally on Swiggy and is applicable even currently. Swiggy60 gets a discount of 60% on the total amount of the order. The maximum limit that it has is that it can avail a discount of only up to rupees 100, and the order value should be at least rupees 99.

The other benefit of this offer is that it can be used with the Swiggy Super membership offers as well. This means multiple offers can be availed on the same order, for a higher and even fancier discount.

How to Use These Offers?

Swiggy money

The above offers are the names of their coupons as well. Just copy the heading of the specific offer that you want to avail of and paste it on the website of Swiggy while placing an order. There will be an option available for adding a coupon code on the payment page, paste it or type it there.

The process is the same for the mobile app as well. Once the coupon is added, it will show the deducted amount right before the main payment happens.

Other Offers

Swiggy keeps on providing many other free money offers as well. The offers are available in the offers section of the application on the top right corner and a similar website location. The offers can be bank-specific, restaurant-specific, or even city-specific. Keep an eye out for those as well.

Earlier, The company used to have a Swiggy referral code using which one could refer to the others and earn some points or Swiggy money. The referred person and the referrer both benefitted from it and could get discounts on their orders. However, it is inactive for the time being.