Do you love streaming movies and TV series? Have you always waited for an opportunity to grab Netflix for FREE? Well, you don’t have to wait for anything anymore.

The covid-19 pandemic has been tough for many users. Everyone just can’t afford to pay hundreds of dollars after different streaming application. There has to be a way out, and we finally found it. With 1Movies, one doesn’t have to worry about paying any service provider as all the contents available on the site are for free.

1Movies provides every latest movie and TV series that one imagines of. All of these will be available for free. This might sound like a dream come true to many. Well, it is completely possible.

Those days of paying to watch TV series and movies have gone. One can simply use their internet to access great content within seconds.

1Movies is a popular website with users spread across the world. However, one might enquire why we should choose 1Movies and not some other free service providers. Let’s know more about the benefits of using 1Movies.

Benefits of using 1Movies

safety and benefits of 1Movies

Huge Collection of Movies and TV Series

Undoubtedly, 1Movies has a massive collection of Movies and TV series. There is no match for this site as it has been under construction for several months. Apart from that, every new movie or TV series is being added to the database as soon as possible. Users are free to look out for their favorite films or genre.

The user interface makes it even easier for visitors to access the content. One can simply filter out their category using the IMDB rating, genre, and the year of the movie being released.

All the contents from different streaming applications like Netflix and Amazon Prime are being added here. One can even find Bollywood movies in high quality.

No Sign Up Required

Most of the pirated sites ask for your information while you sign up for the website. Well, this is not the same as 1Movies. You can serve all the content you want, and you can do it for free.

Pirated sites are well-known for leaking out user details. Details like financial information, customer database, banking details, and other technical documents are being leaked most of the time.

However, 1Movies has only two sources of income. They generate most of their revenue through the popup ads which appear during streaming the movie or TV series. Some people even opt for the 1Movies’ premium subscription, where they get to watch all the movies and TV series free from the ad.

The subscription fees charged by 1Movies is nominal and low compared to the one charged by streaming applications. Therefore, one who can afford the same can go for it.

Great Streaming Speed

It is irritating to have a site that buffers a lot. 1Movies has looked after the issue and makes sure that no one faces the same. They come in with excellent streaming speed, which removes all the hustle.

However, one might find the pop-up ads to be annoying as they interrupt the flow of the movie. One can even download the movies from the site to avoid such issues. The option to download movies is limited to the premium members themselves.


Now, with 1Movies, nobody has to wait for the free Netflix month, and they can enjoy their favorite genre hustle free. All those lengthy procedures to download films from Torrent is over now.

The no-sign up policy is just worth a try!

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