Criminals often target apartment communities with poor video surveillance. Even if the cameras were installed in the right place and working, the footage may not be recorded or may not be retrievable. However, in most cases, the cameras tend to malfunction due to a lack of maintenance. Such situations can lead to the crime going undetected or becoming hard to prosecute in court.

This is a typical series of problems that apartment communities see. Many get a few security cameras installed at entry and exit points and call it a day. Correctly deployed video surveillance for apartments is not just designed to provide complete coverage; it’s also professionally maintained.

This is how a managed video surveillance system becomes a worthwhile investment; by taking care of installation, maintenance, and more. The elimination of the risk vs. cost incurred is a win-win for the apartment owners. The video surveillance service cost is also effectively balanced by making human guards unnecessary in most cases.

Let’s understand the features of a modern managed video system so that the advantages become easier to understand.

Benefits of Managed Video Surveillance for Apartments

The key benefit of managed video surveillance for apartments is its hands-off approach to providing security solutions. The apartment owners do not have to maintain it or learn how to operate it. It is a completely managed service that is professionally installed and maintained.

There are additional benefits beyond the regular maintenance and monitoring of the system. In the event of a crime, the security service provider will also provide professional video retrieval and video investigation services that maintain a proper chain of custody. This makes the video more effective as evidence in court.

This frees the apartment communities from worrying about any part of the video surveillance system. By taking it off your hands, the security becomes stronger.

Various Modern Features of a Managed Video Surveillance System

A security company will provide you with professional and reliable service against a monthly fee. The security company will also perform a professional installation of a new network of apartment surveillance cameras. In-house security experts will guide the installation from planning to execution, ensuring nothing is left unseen.

Modern cameras feature wireless systems for remote conditions or inaccessible areas. Advanced features like motion detection, access control, automated data collection, etc., are now available to all apartment communities.

The cost to install such a system can be easily offset by various other reductions, such as reducing labor costs.

Managed Video Surveillance: Risk Vs. Cost

Cost is the first question that needs to be addressed when considering a managed video surveillance system. Apartment communities need to understand how it compares to and balances out the existing security costs they are already incurring.

There are a few ways modern security solutions like this can save money in both the long and the short term. It cuts down the risk of crime by acting as a deterrent. The mere presence of visible, functioning cameras acts as a preventative measure.

If a crime does occur, a managed system makes it easier to retrieve footage and bring the criminals to justice. It also helps you claim insurance. Functional security cameras will often give you better insurance rates because there are proper security measures with or without the neon lights. 

A managed video surveillance system also means that the security solutions provider handles everything. There is often a reduction in the number of on-ground guards needed. This reduction in the workforce leads to additional savings that further offset the cost of installation and ongoing monthly fees.

Making the Transition

Whether you are going for a wired system or a wireless one, including access control, motion detection, or not, the initial cost might make you want to revisit your decision. It is a legitimate concern. After all, this is often brand new territory for apartment communities. Transitioning into new systems can be tricky.

However, the risk vs. cost-benefit is undoubtedly a lucrative one. As already explained earlier, the initial investment pays off in the long run and brings many additional benefits. The final cost over the years can often become less than what you would have paid in property loss and labor costs.

So making the transition is mainly about understanding the system’s benefits and matching them with your needs. This is a specialized solution that may not be suited to all situations. Standalone apartments might need a more customized or hands-on approach.

Otherwise, it is a good match for almost all apartment communities that feel like they need reliable security solutions that have an easy setup and provide them with complete peace of mind. It also comes with crucial post-crime services like professional video investigation.


Managed video surveillance for apartment communities is a pretty cost-effective way to get professionally managed, modern security solutions like video surveillance for apartments.