With most people being busy in their work schedule, it has become almost impossible to step out of the offices or homes to reach a movie theatre to entertain themselves.

So, people are looking for solutions to enjoy their favorite movies, TV shows, and web series along with the comfort of their homes without having to pay any money.

So what is the solution, one might wonder? Here comes 1Movies as a savior if one has been looking for a website that provides high quality, completely free content.

The content that includes movies from all around the world in different languages, TV shows, or web series that stream on mainstream media and OTT platforms then 1Movies is the best place to start entertaining oneself.

What can the audience get from the website? Here, one can explore high-quality movies without being interrupted by ads. This site has a plethora of entertaining content bound to keep the audience glued to the screen. It is also very compatible and can work on any device with an internet connection, either a desktop, tablet or a phone. It is a perfect and free remedy to uplift someone’s mood without burning the pocket.

How it got shut?

Why and how website got shut.

However, the answer to the question of whether 1Movies has been shut down on purpose is a sad affirmative.

Yes, the site has been banned on multiple occasions owing to strict rules and regulations formed by governments of various countries to prevent piracy and illegal content.

Even though the 1Movies website has been taken down many times, it can still function and keep entertaining the audience and movie lovers. One might wonder how they can still carry out their functions if subjected to strict legalities.

In modern times, it is not very difficult to clone or mirror a website and keep on continuing to do that when one site gets banned. This circle goes on, and people also keep on being entertained. One positive thing about this is that 1Movies also manages the clone or mirror or proxy sites.

So, the audience need not worry about missing out on the latest and trending films, shows, or web series. The staff makes sure to update all the proxy sites with the latest content so that the audience can remain up to date.

Apart from this, the entire content of 1Movies, films, TV shows, and web series was divided into different sections according to their genre and language.

This makes it easier for the audience to find good content according to their taste without much struggle. They can simply click on their favorite genre and find out what is trending in that particular genre.

Talking about proxy sites, here is a list to help you out:-

  • 1Movies.nl/1Movies
  • 1Movies.ch
  • 1Movies.org
  • 1Movies.im
  • 1Movies.online

Besides availing proxy sites, the user can also choose to use a VPN service, a Virtual Private Network that changes the user’s location to a different location.

Now, the user can access the website of 1Movies without fearing their Ip address being exposed. The user can also choose to use a TOR browser that behaves like an unidentified browser and helps the user access the website of 1Movies.


Thus, you have reached the end of the article, and now you know that even after being banned several times, it is still trying its best to keep its audience entertained. Keep binging and having fun!

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