how to deal with prank doorbell ringing

Doorbells are installed for safety and security purposes. There is not a single home without a functional doorbell. However, at times this turns into an annoyance when used as a prank, especially by kids in your neighborhood.

Haven’t we all faced prank doorbell rings at least once in our lives? It might appear as an easily handled problem, but it is when kids and passersby get on your nerves with these pranks that you look for a permanent solution.

Doorbells are designed to help you, not make you suffer because of them. What’s one way of solving a problem like this? Ask for suggestions from other prank victims.

Relax! We did it for you, and here’s the best advice to deal with the prank doorbell ringing or doorbell ringing on its own

Prank Doorbell Ringing – Solutions

The constant bell rings, only to find that there is no one at the door, which can be super annoying. While you would want a solution, you might not want to turn it into a revenge game.

Here’s everything you can do rather than staying a victim to such pranks.

1. Talk to Kids in Your Neighbourhood

Talk to Kids in Your Neighbourhood

Most of the time, kids fail to understand the complicity of a situation, and this leads to such pranks continuing. Rather than going for strict means, you can simply talk to those kids and make them understand the trouble you are going through because of such pranks. If you can, then a little involvement of their parents will shut down the prank forever.

2. Install a CCTV Camera

Install a CCTV Camera

A CCTV camera is not only a safety device but also a great way to keep prankers away from your door. All you have to do is ensure that the CCTV camera is installed at a place visible to prankers.

3. A Notice

A Notice

You can simply paste a notice on your door and community parks of your area saying that you are considering taking strict actions against kids who indulge in pranks such as doorbell ringing. A notice with a strong language is often enough for kids to get scared and this is exactly what you want to do.

4. Doorbell Chime

Doorbell Chime .jpg

A solution that will blow your mind and is possibly the most interesting one is that you get a chime that helps you catch prankers red-handed. A fellow prank victim said that she got a chime that goes something like “Please press again in 5 seconds,” and this made prankers wait on the door to press the doorbell again, thinking that it did not work the first time.

5. Video Doorbell

Video Doorbell

Getting a video doorbell installed can be of great help. This not only helps you to catch pranksters but also creates a threat of getting caught in the mind of pranksters.

6. Higher Installation

Higher Installation

Kids are often involved with these doorbell pranks. If kids in your neighborhood are creating a ruckus with doorbells, then you can get your doorbell switch reinstalled at a height that is difficult for kids to reach.

7. Plan a No-Harm Prank

Plan a No-Harm Prank

Probably, it’s time for you to become a little prankster yourself. Plan a no-harm prank, such as installing a water sprinkler or a toy punch around the doorbell. Make sure to be aware and not prank your guest.

Switch to These Modern Doorbells

It is time you switch to fancier doorbells for enhanced safety and a modern setup to avoid doorbell ringings on their own and related malfunctions. Take a look at what fellow homeowners are choosing.

Switch to These Modern Doorbells

  • Battery Doorbells: These doorbells run on battery and save you from the unnecessary cost of electrical setup that your regular doorbells have. You can easily bring these home and install them within minutes on any door of your house.
  • Sensor doorbells: If you haven’t installed doorbells with sensors, then you are doing it wrong. Switch to them to get instant alerts of every movement in front of your door. These are highly recommended, especially when you are staying alone. Explore and find doorbells that come with an additional Bluetooth feature. Super easy to install, these make for just the right choice to get alerts and choose chime/speaker boxes as per your preference.
  • Video doorbells: The best addition to the world of doorbells has to be video doorbells. Instead of going for a separate CCTV camera, you can now install video doorbells. They also allow you to communicate with the guest at the door.

Round Up!

Dealing with doorbell pranks is not as difficult as you thought. You can turn to these easy solutions and get rid of pranksters. In addition, finding the right doorbell that caters to your needs is exactly what you need.

All these path-breaking advancements in technology have made finding them easier than ever. With affordable investments, you can get yourself the finest doorbell setup available out there and stay a bit more relaxed at all times.

Additional Tip: Always choose doorbells with chimes featuring adjustable volume. This helps you stay alert as per your needs at different times during the whole day.