The title of this article starts with a question, and it is not an incredibly easy one to answer. Many users of the SimpliSafe home security system keep asking whether it can be hacked and, the answer is Yes and No both. Confused? No need to worry as there are millions with the same doubt

If you, too, were thinking about whether your SimpliSafe setup can be hacked, or are contemplating the purchase of the SimpliSafe system and were wondering about the hacking probability, do not worry, as we will be discussing in detail about the same. But, before that, some users or readers may be wondering, what is SimpliSafe? If you, too, are wondering about the same, kindly refer to the paragraph below.

What Is SimpliSafe?

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Well, if you, like countless others, are unaware of what SimpliSafe is or what it is that they do, rest assured as your doubts will be answered here and now. SimpliSafe is an American home security company based in Boston, Massachusetts (as stated by Wikipedia).

Still, to put it simply, they make products that help keep your home safe from threats such as burglars, intruders, and more thus, making you feel secure.

The products offered by them include security cameras, sensors, and more. Some significant features of the brand, which makes it a must buy include: –

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Lack of Wires:

You can go wire-free with your home security system since the only wire required is the power cord (Without which the security system will not work). For the other types of equipment, all of them are wire-free, meaning you do not have to fiddle around with cables, ensuring ease of setup and less hassle for the customer.

Easy Setup:

SimpliSafe promises an easy setup procedure without the requirement of any technician. All their security systems are DIY (Do-It-Yourself), with a simple setup procedure. This will be very helpful as you do not need to have a technician over, thus, ensuring that you save a few bucks.

Multiple Products at Affordable Rates:

Most of the products from SimpliSafe feature a great price to performance ratio, coupled with great products. They have many devices available, some of them being Water sensors, smoke detectors, HD cameras, and more. The devices are all great, with good value and reliability.

Cheap Rates:

You pay $150 upright when you purchase the setup and $14.99 per month (For the standard plan) and, for the features that it offers, the price is quite good.

Now, once you have seen these useful features of the SimpliSafe system, you may be sold on the product and wish to purchase it. However, the question is that what about the question that was asked in the title. Can the SimpliSafe setup be hacked? To that, we stated Yes and No. You may be wondering till now what we meant by this. Do not worry, it was not a typo, and what is the situation explained below.

Can the SimpliSafe Setup Be Hacked?

The answer is technically not as of now, but Yes, if you would have asked us a year ago. Wondering what we mean? Do not worry as we will be listing out how SimpliSafe was hacked and how it can no longer be hacked.

SimpliSafe Hack “Is It True?”

Does SimpliSafe Come with A Siren? How Loud Is It?

Yes, it is true. SimpliSafe has hacked a year or two ago. You may be shocked since a home security system is supposed to secure your home, but in this case, the security system was hacked. (The irony is striking). The reason for this is that SimpliSafe used unencrypted network communication.

What is Unencrypted Network communication, you may ask? Unencrypted refers to something that is not converted into a code that would prevent authorized access. This means that it is straightforward to access and extrapolate the data.

This is quite worrying as someone with even basic knowledge of hacking can easily access your data. This is not a matter of concern these days since most of the communications are now encrypted. So, what happened to the SimpliSafe? The whole situation is explained below.

To put it simply, anything that is unencrypted is prone to hacking. What can be accessed if your home security system is hacked, you may ask? The hackers can use special radio equipment to pick up the unencrypted PIN messages from the home alarm system.

What are these messages, you may ask? The messages that the customer uses to transfer from a keypad to the alarm control box on the home security system. Once the PIN is obtained, the alarm can be disabled, meaning one can break into your house with ease.

Now, you may be worried after reading this and may even be thinking about not purchasing the SimpliSafe security system.

What Has Been Done to Prevent This?

SimpliSafe received a lot of flak since this was a matter of concern. Many users were under the threat of being robbed since the PINs of lots of users were available on the internet after the hack.

SimpliSafe immediately shifted to Encrypted Network communication. This was well-received, and people were content with them for acting instantly. However, their reputation was stained for some time. Hopefully, you have been able to understand what the whole situation was. Now, with this clarification comes the Multi-million-dollar question.

Should You Buy the SimpliSafe System

Yes, you can purchase the SimpliSafe system without any worries since the security is still adequate, and the hack has never been repeated to date. You can be worry-free with this product and get it since it offers excellent value with many features.

Now, coming towards the conclusion, you can purchase the SimpliSafe system without any worries since the issue has been long fixed, and it will most probably not be repeated in the future.

Hence, with all this, we now conclude the article. We hope this has been of help, and you can decide whether you should buy the SimpliSafe security system.

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