You need to consider your pets if you’re going to put up a home alarm system. You should use pet-friendly alarms. But what are pet-friendly alarms? Are they more complicated? Will they cost you more? This article will answer all your questions.

What are pet-friendly alarms?

Pet-friendly alarm systems are not different from regular alarm systems. Both have the same control panel. Everything is identical except for the infrared sensors. The difference does not make pet-friendly alarms more expensive. They are not and they shouldn’t be.

What’s up with the infrared sensors?

Pet-friendly alarms have passive infrared motion sensors (PIR) that will not read movement from pets. Through such programming, your security system won’t blast off every single time your pet moves. Pet-friendly alarms have PIR that dismisses heat coming from the floor. It does not read any heat from objects that weigh less than 35 kilos. This means that your pets are okay to roam any time because your alarm system won’t treat their movements as security threats.

Benefits of Pet-friendly Alarms

1. Your pet will be free to roam anytime – pet-friendly alarms give so much relief to owners because it’s always a hassle when alarms would blair off in the middle of the night only to find out that your dog was simply walking about. With pet-friendly alarms, you’re free to let your pet walk around the house at whatever time of the day.

2. No need to cage your pet at night – homeowners with security alarms that are not pet-friendly often end up caging their dogs at night or when they’re out of the house. It provides a solid solution but if your pet gets easily depressed and bothered it is caged, it’s best to invest with a pet-friendly alarm. Some dogs get depressed when they’re caged so it’s best to simply allow them to choose the spots where they want to hang out. Pets (dogs and cats) should simply be allowed to roam free and enjoy their day. You’d be able to do that seamlessly with a pet-friendly alarm system.

3. You won’t be bothered by false alarms – pet-related false alarms are cute in the beginning, but they will soon become a nuisance. It’s a hassle to have to stop whatever you’re doing just because your security alarm sensed your pet walking about. It’s a different kind of trouble when your security alarm is not digital and you physically have to be home to input your security code to stop your alarm from blaring. It’s never okay to disturb one’s neighborhood with frequent pet-related false alarms. You and your entire neighborhood will benefit so much if you’d opt to switch to a pet-friendly security system when investing in security systems with nest cameras and intercoms.

4. You will have peace of mind – the main thing with pet friendly alarm systems is that they will give you peace of mind. With one duly installed, you’d know that your home is fully secured and you won’t be dealing with false alarms that can disturb your daily tasks and activities.

Are all pet movements exempted from being read?

No. Pet-friendly security alarms can only ignore body heat from the floor from small objects that weigh lightly. If your pet will jump or move about in such a way that it reaches an elevated height, then your alarm will be activated. This will be the case if your dog will peek through the window or if your cat will jump on your kitchen countertop. You shouldn’t feel hopeless though as you could still have a working alarm system even if you have pets. You simply need to consult with security experts who can create customized systems for you and your pets’ unique needs.

What about owners with big dogs?

If your dog weighs more than 40 kilos, it will definitely trigger a pet-friendly PIR system. If you have big dogs and very active pets (birds that fly), looking for alternative security systems is the best thing to do. It’s best to not have one that uses a PIR mechanism as it will only cause you numerous false alarms that you (and your neighbors) won’t enjoy and appreciate. You can consider the following:

  • Door contacts – dogs and cats won’t be able to trigger this system. They only get triggered when unauthorized door access takes place when it’s armed. Door contacts are armed when they are set to not be opened by unauthorized people. They blast off the moment an unauthorized entry takes place.
  • Glass break detectors – these alarms get triggered with the sound of glass being broken. With it, you’d instantly be alerted when someone smashes any of your windows or the classy floor-length mirrors to get into your property.

Handy Tips

  • If you truly want to avoid false alarms, you should opt for a smart alarm. A smart alarm comes with a camera that will send you real-time photos every single time your PIR is triggered. You will receive such photos on your smartphone and you can easily dis-arm and re-arm in just a click.
  • Weigh your pet. If your pet weighs beyond 40 kilos, it’s best to not have an alarm system with PIR.
  • If your pet is okay with being caged every time you’re asleep or leave the house, you won’t need to opt for a pet-friendly alarm.
  • Do due research before purchase. Talk to pet owners and inquire about their current security systems.


Always remember that a pet-friendly alarm is not expensive. It’s pricing is just like that of regular alarms. Companies that tell you that they cost more are not being honest. You need to take note though that you will incur more expenses if you’d install modified detectors and cameras.