Home security services are becoming smarter and smarter nowadays. What we used to have in the name of home security services in old times is nothing in comparison to the newer ones. The services have evolved very much in the past few years. We are increasing a step further almost every month in the era of technology, and this has been the key factor through which our daily lives are becoming more and more technology-driven.

All of these advancements in the technology which we see in our surroundings and our day to day lives have been introduced to serve humanity and to ease their lives as much as possible—home security services in everyday things almost every person needs. Therefore there is a lot of traffic in their manufacturers and their users.

Among the other home security services provider, Vivint is the name which is famous for its security services. They have been one of the most trusted brands in the states of the USA. Many people are using their products for security purposes, while many are willing to buy their security services for their houses.

But, as we know that everything has its demerits, and Vivint also has its own. One of the thing which scares us most when we use wireless appliances is its breaches. In this article, we are going to discuss if your Vivint cameras can be hacked or not.

How Safe is Vivint?

Vivint cameras are one of the products which are acclaimed by people from many parts of the states. Vendors have also taken their products very quickly and have taken a lot of profit from it. This tells us about how effective their products are and how positive an impact this company has on their customers.

Vivint provides a high level of security not only to the residential areas but also to the commercial areas well. They have been serving their services at very affordable prices, and the outcomes of their products are also beneficial, and they also worth their prices. Therefore the popularity of Vivint is increasing day by day among the people who are using Vivint cameras and their security services.

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Talking about the safety of Vivint cameras, the camera of Vivint is protected by the 1024-bit of encryption. Their cameras use the 1024-but encryption, which besides also hides the IP address of the devices it is connected with. You can also enjoy other additional security as well from the Vivint. You have to pay more than the regular price to get additional benefits from the internet capabilities of Vivint cameras.

All of these features of Vivint may have a positive impact on you, and you may have been impressed by their security services as well. But, as we all know that nothing is perfect in this world and they have some drawbacks in them. Whether it is small or big, issues always have been a permanent friend of every appliance.

Therefore it will not be a good judgment if we say that Vivint is perfect and doesn’t have any drawbacks. If you are willing to buy the Vivint cameras and if you have done even a little bit of research about it, then you may have seen about the hacking of Vivint cameras. There are many reports and stories about the hacking of Vivint cameras. Vivint claims that their security services are encrypted, and if someone takes some severe steps, then they can prevent their Vivint cameras from being hacked.

How can your Security Services be Hacked?

Vivint provides encryption-based systems, which means that it is all based on the coding, which reduces the chances of getting hacked to a great extent. But, still, some hackers have somehow managed to find the loophole in the security services and hacked them.

Security services are of majorly two kinds. One is wired, and the other one is wireless. Wired ones are very less prone to be hacked as it works in the closed circuits, and therefore, it will be tougher to get into it. But, if somewhere your wire connection is broken or teared up, then you may get into trouble as your system may start to dysfunction.

Hacking Security Services
Image Source – https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2019/04/security-service-monitor-rejects-bulk-hack-request-involving-millions-of-names/

Therefore always take care of your system wires, especially when you have done some work on your house, or your house has been gone through the renovation. At the same time, the wireless ones are the most vulnerable to be hacked by hackers. They operate through the open circuit with the help of waves that transmit through the air openly.

Therefore hackers find it easier to get into it, and they hack your cameras to get all the information your cameras have in it. They also can use many waves to “jam” the signals, which in result stops your security system, and after that, they can quickly get into your house, and any mischievous action can happen to you.

How to Make your Security Services more Secure and Less Vulnerable to Hackers

One of the most important things you can do to secure your security services is to follow the instructions of the manufacturers. Most of us never take the manufacturer’s guidelines seriously, and almost all of us throw the user manual away most of the time. This is the biggest mistake one can ever do if they are using wireless security services.

When we bring the security setup to our houses, it was made up of the default settings, and without even reading the manufacturer’s guidelines, we install their service and start using it. Default settings are the most vulnerable to hackers, and to get rid of this problem, every manufacturer gives you instructions to change the default settings. From this, you can make your system more secure.

Have Encrypted Devices and Connections

Make sure that you have an encryption-enabled wifi router and all other devices which are connected to the security system. Encryption is the process in which transmission is carried by the codes which can only be read by authorized devices.

To get the best of it, make sure that you have an updated system. Both the software and hardware components of your security system must be up to date to get the utmost security from it.

Password Security

Password Security
Image Source – https://securityintelligence.com/the-inconvenient-truth-about-your-eight-character-password/

A password is another essential thing that can save your device to come into someone else’s hands. They will find it tough to get into those appliances or tools which require a password to open.

Make sure every device which is connected to your security system is secured by a password. Have different passwords for different devices and make sure that the password is not so visible; rather, it should be hard to guess and unique so that guessing the code becomes very difficult.

Secure Other Related Devices as Well

If you have other cameras as well to keep an eye on your primary system, then make sure all the above precautions are taken on them as well. This will add up extra security to your security system and will make it hard to breach.

Take Every Possible Precaution

Be a responsible person, and keep your doors and windows close. Make sure your precious things are hidden, and they are hard to find. A pet is something that gives you unmatched security and doesn’t forget the neighbors as well. In case you are out of your house for some reason, a watchful neighbor can help you a lot.

The high-tech hackers can break all of these discussed precautions, and one can quickly get into your house after deactivating your security system then if you have watchful eyes and good neighbors, the burglar has to think twice before getting into your house.

Other Additional Things to Safeguard your Houses

Having a secured entry of your house can prevent any intruder from getting failed in getting into your house. Therefore make sure your doors and windows are secured, and it is hard to enter from here.

You can also play psychological games with hackers and intruders. You can mount up a dummy camera at your doorstep and can hide your Vivint cameras at vantage points. Dummy cameras are handy and can play a crucial role in the safety of your house.

You can also make your alarm system more sensitive. This will help you if someone has gained access to your security system. Therefore make sure that they are working correctly. Proper maintenance of your alarm system is also necessary to stay updated every time.


Vivint cameras are one of the secure security systems, and therefore, it is so famous among their users. It is designed in such a way that it can give you full security services without getting hacked. It is not like any other usual nest camera that blinks blue light. But, as we all know that there are some loopholes which becomes the passage of the hackers. But, Vivint cameras are encrypted, which reduces this chance to almost nothing. We can stop the intrusion by taking up care of our security systems and devices connected to it.

Proper maintenance is essential and makes sure that your system is up to date. This enhances the capability of your security system and gives you more advanced security services. You can also antivirus and anti-theft measures to boost up your security services a bit more. This is going only to enhance your security services, and there is no harm or adverse effects of it. This is not going to interrupt your security system in any way.

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