In this world where the necessities of every person are increasing day by day, search for calmness and fulfillment is still a dream for many people searching for the happiness in the world where everyone will judge you by your looks and bank balance. We all are running to make our lives better than it was earlier, and in a hurry, we are somehow damaging ourselves day by day.

After spending our whole day working to make money, we come to the place where we can take rest and relax. The place is our house, which becomes a home when we stay there with our loved ones. This is the place where we find peace and joy, and therefore, it is our duty to make it more beautiful and decorative. To achieve this, there are a lot of options like extra attachments of mirrors, lawns, gardens, ceilings, furniture, and many more.

Having a beautiful interior is an essential thing to have in our houses as it gives it a better look. This creates a calming and soothing aura around our houses, which keeps our mind happy and calm as our surroundings play a significant role in our mental health.

Shiplap and Drywall are the two major interior walls manufacturers. They manufacture some of the best interior walls and ceilings. In this article, we are going to discuss which is best and which one is more expensive and especially which one worth the price. So, let us begin now.

Which one can be the best choice for you

We all want to make our houses more beautiful and clean every time we spend some money on its maintenance or when we are going to buy the new house and want to rebuild it. Therefore we spend money fluidly to get the best look for our houses so that we have a beautiful house to live in with our family and we all know that our houses play a magical role in our mood also.

Therefore we research a lot and ask many people also about what our choices should be so that we don’t end up regretting our decision. We all want to flaunt our surroundings, and to get those flaunting interior and exterior, and we look for the expensive ones as they are the ones which have more shine and longer life as well. But, this is not true every time.

Shiplap and Drywall have been a great competitor of each other. People often get confused while choosing between them. They become unable to understand which one can be the best one for them, and in the end, they end up buying the wrong one for them. Therefore before selecting one between them, it is wise to understand them very carefully and accurately. We have gathered some data and have done some research so that we can help you to solve this problem.

It will not be a good judgment if we say that Shiplap is more expensive than the Drywall. There are many items of Shiplap, which is expensive than the items of Drywall, but there are many more items also, which is cheaper than that of the Drywalls. Therefore there are many factors which we should consider rather than just comparing their cost only.

Why Shiplap is costlier than the Drywall

When you build a new wall or rebuild the older one, you can either make it by just fixing a whole wall of the required dimensions or by fixing panels one below another. Both the ways will make your wall, but both of them will take different time and effort as well. Similar is the case with Shiplap.

Shiplap Wall
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When you want to make a shiplap wall, then you do not buy a full-length wall of the required dimensions; instead, you get the panels of fixed dimensions. Then you buy the panels of the dimensions near to the dimensions of your wall. A bigger panel can be cut out to be fixed, but you can’t do anything with the panels of smaller dimensions than your wall.

So, you may have understood that it is going to take a lot of panels to build the wall, and this is why Shiplap costs you more than the Drywall, which gives you an already build wall which you can cut according to the dimensions of your wall.

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A single panel can cost you between the range of 0.95 dollars to 4 dollars. That’s why Shiplap costs more than Drywall and any other ordinary wall made up of gypsum board. Shiplap panels get interlocked to each other to build a wall.

While making the wall of the desired dimension, sometimes you have to cut the panels to get the perfect fitting. Therefore you also waste some of your money as a waste of some panels which you can’t use anywhere, and you will throw them away.

About Drywall and it’s Specialties

Drywall is nothing but a plane board. It is available as a sheet and of different dimensions. Drywall is a longboard made up of gypsum. Gypsum materials are pressed together very tightly to make a board of different thicknesses, and sometimes its components are mixed with other materials to give it more strength and durability. While Shiplap is like a component that we join together to get the wall, the Drywall is more like a complete product to use.

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There are lots of variants of Drywall, and all of them have different characteristics and different prices as well. Its cost to make a 12 by 12 room, will cost you around 480 to 720 dollars, which, if compared to the Shiplap, is very less. This means that Drywall could be an affordable option for you. The cost will also include the labor cost as well if you will use Drywall, but if you use Shiplap, then you have to pay the labor cost as well, which together combines and make Shiplap much costlier than the Drywall.

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Why Some Shiplap is Costlier While Some are Cheaper than the Drywall

Shiplap has panels that are made up of woods while the Drywall has a gypsum board. The Gypsum board will have fixed characteristics until it gets mixed with other materials as well. Since the gypsum board can be fixed for Drywall, shiplap panels can be made by using different types of wood.

Shiplap uses softwood like pine, oak, and cedar, etc. Therefore the cost of panel changes as the types of wood changes. Therefore there are price drops between the panels and some costs more than the Drywall while some are cheaper than the Drywall. Therefore what costs you are the type of wood you want. There are some beautiful woods also which have beautiful patterns as well.

This type of wood can cost you more money, but it will also give your interior a breathtaking and beautiful look. Drywall has a gypsum board, which is a fixed material and therefore doesn’t have much price variation. What changes the cost is its thickness and dimensions, and there are no such variations in its quality. Therefore we see a price gap between Shiplap and Drywall.

There are no such differences in the range of price of Drywall and Shiplap if we do not consider labor costs. Labor cost is the major part that determines the difference in the price range of Shiplap and Drywall. There is some shiplap which you can use and fix on your own, but in most of the cases, you will need labor as you don’t want to have an irregular wall in your house as they will ruin the look of your house and will make it unpleasant.

To minimize the cost of Shiplap as much as possible, what matters a lot is measurement. Make accurate measurements and buy only those who are very near to your measurements. This will not only reduce waste but also save your money and time as well.

While on Drywall, you also have to take care of measurement as well because the Drywall also makes cuts to get the perfect fitting and more you have the dimensions more you have to cut, which at the end is the wastage of your money and nothing else. Therefore keep your measurements accurate and select the size of panels accordingly to minimize the cost.


Shiplap and Drywall both are similar, and there are no such differences we would say exists. While Shiplap has costlier panels, labor cost, and maintenance cost as well, the Drywall has low panel cost and almost zero labor cost. But, the durability of Shiplap is much more than that of Drywall.

Drywall will soon be no more durable after a few years while Shiplap will stay as it is if carefully treated, for around 6 to 7 years. Therefore as you will spend more money on Shiplap, you will get durability as an x-factor over the Drywall. Therefore it will not be a good judgment if we say Shiplap is expensive than Drywall by just considering its cost.

Durability will satisfy the spending of so much money on Shiplap. Steel plates are also an affordable, durable floor panelling option. Therefore, we would suggest you keep your needs and requirements in mind before buying any of them. After all, you are the one who knows your conditions and requirements best than anyone and even from us. Therefore be open-minded and don’t fall for someone’s words and stick to your requirements.

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