We, as a human, always try to get better and better time after time. Our hunger for getting more never dies. We always try to earn a bug and want to live a lifestyle that is very unreal and wants to show others that our status of living is way more than theirs. To achieve this, we do a lot of things, and the most common thing is spending money, a lot of money.

Spending money is a sign of having a better and fantastic lifestyle in which people are enjoying and can access and get any happiness in their life. Having money in our lives can solve every problem, and we can get whatever we want. People are running towards money wildly without worrying about themselves and the others they are hurting to get their desired amount of money.

But, we all know that greed doesn’t have any boundary; it is limitless. Once you get into it, there is no way to coming out of it. What makes our lives look more luxurious is the assets we have. Having a branded car and a right looking house is a sign of luxury. House is spreading across the land, and the stunning interior design can make everyone go Woah.

There are plenty of ways you can design the interior of your house and that one thing which will be standard in all of them is Wainscoting. How it helps in making your interior look stunning and how it affects the look of your house. All we are going to discuss in this article. So, let’s start now.

About Wainscoting and its Different Patterns

What we are going to understand in this article is that how Wainscoting affects the interior of your house and does it make houses look smaller. Getting into the answers is not an easy task rather we will first understand what Wainscoting is, what is its purpose, what are the different ways to get the perfect Wainscoting and at the end after understanding all of these we will be able to answer the question mentioned in the title of our article.

Talking about the Wainscoting, we should first understand what Wainscoting is. It is possible that you are familiar with the Wainscoting but doesn’t know by its name. This happens a lot with most of the people where they know something, but when you ask about it by calling its real name, it confuses them. Wainscoting is the panels of woods or other hard materials attached to the bottom of your wall.

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The pattern covers all the walls but to a certain height from the bottom. The Wainscoting can be of a different kind, like ceramic or wood. It has been happening for a long time, and it is popular because when you do Wainscoting at the lower portion of your wall, it not only gives your wall an extra touch but also make your house look more attractive and artistic.

Wainscoting was invented to save and extend the life of your walls as the walls start dying from the bottom; therefore, Wainscoting was invented. But, nowadays people use it more often to beautify their houses, and there is almost no one in this world using Wainscoting to protect their lower walls. It is available in different materials, and it all depends on you. What can make your house look more beautiful should be the priority before going to do Wainscoting in your house.

People generally consider only the quality of Wainscott and sometimes go for the cheaper one and did not consider the after-effects of Wainscoting, and in the end, they end up getting the unmatched Wainscoting which doesn’t have a good impression on the first time visitors. Therefore Wainscoting is the thing which we should do while considering our houses.

Where Should You use Wainscoting?

We have come across the things that Wainscoting is used for the walls, and it is done at the lower portion of our walls. But, what is the better place to do Wainscoting and what should be the length of Wainscoting so that we get a perfect and fantastic look. All of this will cover in this section of our article, and we will also have more insight into the question we are getting answers off from this article.

Does it Make the Room Look Smaller?

Wainscoting can make your house look more elegant and beautiful we all know till now. But, it can also make your house look shorter or longer after it is done. Therefore it depends on your choice of what you want and what can make your house look more elegant and fantastic. Generally, people consider doing the Wainscoting in between the height ranges of 3 to 5 feet.

This range is the most common, and you also have seen this height of Wainscoting around your houses, and it is possible that you also have Wainscoting of this height range. There are some people also who do Wainscoting in just a few inches, but what they use in Wainscoting is not the wood but the ceramic materials.

This height of Wainscoting generally does not have any impact on the height of the house or can not make your house look shorter or taller from its original height. Therefore if you have a shorter or taller house but you want to adjust the height so that you can make your house look more elegant, go for the Wainscoting in between the range of 3 to 5 feet.

Adjustment of Wainscoting Height to Make your House look Shorter or Taller

If you have smaller furniture and narrow windows, then taller Wainscoting can do magic for you and your house. To get the best out of what available in your house is to bring down the ceiling accordingly and taller Wainscoting, and that’s all you have to do. Your house will now look smaller and beautiful, and the small furniture will add extra beauty to your house’s interior design.

It is a bit easier to make your rooms longer, especially for those who have chandelier situated at the top of their dining room. You have to be right in calculation and measurements, and you are ready to go. People having chandelier have to match the heights of Wainscoting to the heights where their chandelier comes down to make their house looks more substantial.

One thing which is essential to note is that the height of the Wainscoting will determine the height of your ceiling and can alter the height of your ceiling if you change the height of your Wainscoting. Taller the Wainscoting shorter, your ceiling will appear to you. Therefore you can adjust the height of Wainscoting according to what and how you want your room to look.

Experts suggest that you should have taller Wainscoting specifically for the dining room as it looks stunning. Other areas of your houses can be selected based on how they should appear to beautify the interiors, and then accordingly, you can select the height of Wainscoting.

How to Enhance the Wainscoting

Wainscoting is something that not only changes the way your house used to look but also add up the extra edge and a beautiful finish to your house’s interior as well. It comes in different styles and different patterns. You have to choose the perfect one for your house. Remember to keep the furniture in your house in your mind as well because furniture plays a significant role in the look of your house.

Taller furniture will not suit the low height wainscoting and the lower ceiling too. Therefore while Wainscoting and to enhance its look more, make sure your furniture mixed up with this correctly, and if not, then do change your wainscoting height and types as well.

Wainscoated Wall
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Otherwise, you will end up getting a messed up interior, which will not be attractive at all. Therefore keep your furniture into consideration as most people do not pay much attention to their furniture. After the Wainscoting, they begin to wonder why their house still hasn’t changed much.

Another important and simple thing you can do to enhance your Wainscoting much more is painting. Yes, painting can add up extra beauty to your Wainscoting, which in result, will beautify your house as well. Therefore give your Wainscoting a proper painting after some time or whenever the panel’s coating starts to wither away.


So, in the end, we can conclude that you can change the look of your house by doing Wainscoting and it can also make your rooms look shorter or taller. What we would like to tell you about Wainscoting is that take it more as an art, and if you think that you are not an artist, then let others do this for you; otherwise, you will end ruining the art.

Wainscoting has different height ranged, and it all depends on what height you want to achieve and how you want your house to look after Wainscoting. Change the color scheme of your interior as well so that your house looks shorter or taller.

Light colors can make your house look more open and more prominent, while the dark colors will make your house look more compact and short. Once you get what you wanted, then it also critical to give your proper wainscoting maintenance as well, keep furniture in your consideration as well as also play a significant role in your house’s interior.

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