Before you know about How to unblock kickass torrent, it is essential to know about the site. Kickass torrent is a website that provides the user online directories such as magnet links and torrent files. People usually use it for downloading movies, games, etc.

After getting the torrent files from kickass torrent, users can download them from any torrent downloader website/app such as Bit-torrent and BitTorrent. Kickass torrent was launched in 2008 and become a pretty popular website at the end of 2018. In 2016 United States also seized the kickass torrent domain because some of the files were copyright on the site.

How to unblock kickass torrents

In this post, we are going to tell how to unblock Kickass torrent websites to download movies. As we know, kickass torrent is blocked by the government, but we can access that website by some methods. However, for some unknown reason, Browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are blocking popular Torrent site kickass torrent. Below we have mentioned a step by step guide to unblocking kickass torrents quickly.

Why Kickass Torrents Blocked?

Kickass torrent provides copyright/pirated content, and it is illegal to provide copyright materials without the creator’s permission. Usually, the government bans the torrent site for providing pirated content. You can face blocking issues while accessing Kickass torrent.The government gives the order to your ISP (Internet Service Provider), and then they block the website.

How to Unblock Kickass Torrents?

If kickass torrent blocked in your region, then you can still access it via some methods.Below are the working ways to unblock the kickass torrent website. You can try any of them to access kickass torrent without any issues.

  • By Using Proxy Or Mirror Sites
  • Using TOR Browser
  • By using a VPN

1. By Using Proxy or Mirror Sites

Proxy or Mirror sites are useful when the main website is not working. In simple words, the mirror site is the same as the main website. The only difference is in the domain name, which is changed. If you want to download some movies or web series through kickass torrent and not able to access the main website, then proxy or mirror website comes in handy. Below are some of the working mirror links of Kickass torrent.

Kickass Torrent Latest Mirror Links

All the above links are working completely fine at the time of writing this post. However, there is no surety that they will work fine. We will change the dead links with the working link whenever we found new mirror links. We suggest you keep checking this section for the latest mirror link.

2. Use of TOR BROWER

The second way to reach this website is that you can use Tor. It is one of the best alternatives to unblock the kickass torrent website. You might think about how the Tor browser works? Well, it changes your location of browsing too often that allows you to use torrent sites without the tension of blocking. However, the TOR browser required good internet speed because it takes more time to loading pages compared to other lightweight browsers.

Tor is the best software that helps you to download your favorite torrent files. It also hides your web traffic and searches history. Using Tor, your identity and location will remain anonymous over the internet. Tor already has an included VPN that changes your identity whenever you open a new tab in the browser.

Currently, the Tor browser is available on various platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. You can use it on your smartphone as well. No matter which device you are using the Tor browser will do the job for you. If you are an android user, then go to google play store and search for the Tor browser to download it. If you are an iOS user, then go to the Apple store and search for the Tor browser and install it.

3. Using VPN

VPN is the best way to hide your current location. If the Kickass torrent website is banned in your country, then we suggest you use a VPN to access it. With any good VPN, you can access the sites that are banned by your Internet Service Provider.

VPN works as a middleman who works between your mobile/computer network and the website that you want to access, and the best is that your data remain private while using a VPN. Many people use VPNs to safeguard their browsing activity from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi or more. Your browsing history remains anonymous, and no one can see it other than VPN providers.

Here is the list of some “best VPN providers in 2020.”

  • ExpressVPN
  • Cyber GhostVPN
  • NordVPN
  • IPVanish
  • Surfshark

Is It Safe to Visit KickAss torrents?

For this, we asked many kickass torrent users, and they said, “Yes, it is safe to visit.” However, if you are insecure about privacy, then we would not suggest you visit kickass torrent. Alternatively, you can use a device that doesn’t have your data, such as contacts, mails, media, etc. In this way, you can keep yourself safe whenever you visit any torrent website.


So, it was the post on How to unblock the Kickass torrent website. We have mentioned three working methods which are personally tested and verified by us. With the help of this post, you can easily access the kickass torrent website without having any issues. If you want to download the latest movies, games, web series, etc., then kickass torrent is the best choice for downloading your favorite content.

Meta: As we know, kickass torrent is blocked by the government, In this post, we are going to tell how to unblock Kickass torrent websites to download movies.