Visual entertainment, in the form of movies and shows, has been one of the most consumed forms for entertainment for decades. People have found movies as an escape from the tedious and repetitive daily lives. But not all people can afford to spend too much of their money on buying these movie tickets or DVDs or buying subscriptions to all the streaming websites. This has been one of the reasons why since the internet has existed, there have been people providing movies and TV shows for free to people, and people have been downloading it.

Kickass Torrents is one such website that has existed for a long time and has facilitated the sharing of such movies and shows online, albeit illegal so you ensure to safe. Torrents have been a trendy medium for people to download movies, shows, and games from the internet, especially in developing countries where they are either not released or not available readily.

How to Use and Download from Kickass Torrents

Kickass torrents have been a popular choice amongst all the torrent sites available for its sheer ease of use, availability of content, and reliability. Since the advent of online streaming, the use of torrents has come down, but still, many people cannot afford all streaming subscription plans, and they rely on torrents as a primary way to download movies and shows. In this article, we will learn how to download the content you need from Kickass Torrents.

Downloading Bit-torrent Client

Before starting, we need to learn how downloading from kickass torrents works. The website does not host any movies, shows, or other files on its servers. It provides files called “Magnet links” or “Torrents” which are to be downloaded from the website. This file contains the details about the actual file like the type of file, the seeds for downloading, etc. which can be decoded by a Bit-Torrent client and download can be started.

To download the Bit-Torrent client, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the Bit-Torrent website.
  • At the center of the website, click on the button which says DOWNLOAD. There are two versions of the Bit-Torrent application available.
  • One can be used for streaming while downloading, and the other is only used for downloading.
  • Click on the DOWNLOAD button for the application of your choice and select the version you want to download.
  • We would suggest you download the free version as that is enough for downloading from Kickass Torrents.
  • The download will start, and once the application is downloaded double click on the installation file to install.

Now agree to all the terms and conditions and follow the install sequence to install the Bit-Torrent client on your computer.

Downloading Torrent from Kickass Torrents

  • To download magnet links, visit the kickass torrents website. Since the website is regularly taken down by the authorities, the makers keep changing the domain of the website.
  • To find the working domain for Kickass torrents, go to This website will give links to the current working domain of kickass torrents.
  • On the website, click on the link, which is stated as the current working link for kickass Torrents.
  • It would be better to use an ad blocker before visiting since there are a lot of intrusive advertisements present on the Kickass torrents. If the website you visited asks for registration before downloading, it is not the correct website.
  • Click on the search bar present at the top of the kickass torrents website and enter the name of the movie, TV show, or any other content you are looking for and click on the search button.
  • Since the kickass torrents website is not entirely controlled, there is a good chance of it having fake torrents or wrong torrent magnet links. The best way to judge if the link is genuine is to check it properly.
  • Check the file details in the search results and make sure the name is the same as the one you are looking for. Also, check the SEED columns on the right side and make sure that the number in the SEED column is higher than or equal to the LEECH column.
  • Click on the search results, which best fits your criteria. On the description page, check for the ratings and the comments to judge if the correct file is present in the link.
  • Once you are satisfied, click on the DOWNLOAD TORRENT button and the download will begin. Since the magnet links are just of a few kilobytes in size, it will not take a long time to download.

Downloading the File

  • Once the torrent file (Magnet link) is downloaded, double click on the file to start the download of the actual file.
  • It will either automatically open the file in the Bit-Torrent client downloaded earlier, or it will give a prompt to select the application with which you want to open it. Select the Bit-Torrent client in the latter case.
  • The download will start automatically. The file will start connecting to the seeders. Once enough good seeders are connected, the download will begin and slowly reach the maximum speed.
  • In case you downloaded the Bit-Torrent web version, you can directly stream some of the content on your computer or at least check before downloading if it is the correct movie or the TV show.
  • Once downloaded, the file will be saved in the default download folder of your computer. Use the start button on Windows PC or spotlight search in MacOS to find the download folder.


Torrents have been a popular medium of getting access to content like movies, TV shows, Games, etc. for a lot of people for more than a decade now. The faster speeds and more comfortable to manage downloads have been a critical reason behind its popularity. Also, it is difficult for authorities to crack down on torrent websites. Amongst all the torrent websites, Kickass Torrents has been one of the most popular websites for people to download “torrents” or “magnet links” for many years now.

This is because of the ease of use it provides. Also, the rating systems and the design of the website make it relatively more apparent if the file is the one that we wanted. This and availability of a large amount of content has made Kickass Torrents very popular among people looking to download the content for free. If this tutorial is followed correctly, any movie, show, or any other file can be easily downloaded from Kickass Torrents.