For ages, one of the most popular forms of entertainment for people has been the visual medium, which includes acts, plays, music, dance, comedy, etc. With the invention of video recorders and cameras, people started recording all these, and that gave birth to a new way to consume the same content by a mass audience. From their inception, movies and serialized TV

shows captured the audience as no other medium has ever done. As the age of computers came in, it became easier to copy this content on various storage devices and distribute and sell it to people.

What is Kickass Torrents and Where is it Being Hosted

Various types of storage devices like VCRs, VCDs, and then DVDs were used to distribute this content to the general population. But even this form of distribution had its limitations. So, when the internet became popular, it became a go-to medium for the distribution of digital content to mass audiences. But along with legal distribution , it also became easy to distribute the same content illegally and whether it is safe. Kickass Torrents became popular on the internet for the same purpose. People who could not afford to buy movies, shows, games, eBooks, etc. or were not able to access them in their region used torrent websites to download them.

About Kickass Torrents and How Does it Work?

Kickass Torrents is one such website which grew in popularity because of the sheer amount of content it provides and also because of its easy to use nature. The homepage of the website contains all the famous and trending titles. All the other titles can be easily found using the search function on the website. Unlike other websites providing such content, Kickass Torrents does not provide direct links to download the file. Instead, it provides a magnet link or a torrent link which can be used for downloading the actual file using a bit torrent client.

Torrents, unlike traditional systems where all the data is stored on a central server, is a decentralized system (also known as peer to peer system) where there is no central server. The information is shared between computers. Every computer involved in the network at a particular time is uploading as well as downloading the data at the same time. This way, the data is shared between computers, and it becomes nearly impossible to take down the network.

The magnet links provided on Kickass Torrents are the files that contain details about seeders and leechers of the network.

Seeders are the computers that have the whole file downloaded onto them, and they allow the sharing of the data with other torrent users. Leechers are the computers accessing the data from the seeder’s computers. A download client called BitTorrent is then used to download the file using the magnet link. The group of computers sharing the same data at a time is called a swarm, and all the data upload and download takes place within this swarm. This method also makes sure that even if the website providing the torrents or magnet links is taken down, the user will still be able to download the file using the peer to peer network.

Where is Kickass Torrents Currently Hosted

Because of its decentralized nature, the torrent network is complicated to take down, and this made it famous for pirating content. Torrents have been the most popular source of pirated content since they came into existence. Because of that, authorities all over the world decided to take down the websites distributing the magnet links and torrent files to users. This is the reason why websites like Kickass Torrents have to continually change their domain as soon as or even before the authorities find it.

Since the files are not stored on the central server and the size of the magnet links is small, it becomes easier to keep changing the domains without hampering the services provided by the website. Changing the domains regularly makes sure the website is functioning correctly. But because of this exact reason, it becomes challenging to find the website address of Kickass Torrents. In this article, we will show how to access Kickass Torrents and on which domain it is currently being hosted on.

Kickass Torrents is currently being hosted on .It can also be accessed from the various mirror links given below:

One more method to find where Kickass Torrents is currently being hosted is given below.

  1. Go to or search for it in any search engine.
  2. Open the website, and on the homepage, you will find the currently working domains and addresses for Kickass Torrents, including the mirror links.
  3. Click on any of the links, and the Kickass Torrents will open. Make sure to install an ad blocker before visiting the website.

Using this method, we can easily keep track of the continuously changing domains on which Kickass Torrents is being hosted.


Kickass Torrents has always been one of the most popular websites for getting magnet links for downloading torrents. People all around the world depend on it to download content like games, movies, TV shows, ebooks, etc. either because they can not afford to download it or because it is not available in their region. Especially in today’s day and age, where there is no single service where all the content is available, not everyone can afford to buy a subscription to every streaming service available.

This had led to the increased popularity of torrent services like a Kickass Torrents. Because of this popularity, it has always been pursued by authorities all around the world. To avoid getting blocked, the domain and hosting services of Kickass Torrents have to be continuously changed, and this makes it challenging to find the website. This is the reason many people are not able to visit the website even when they need it. In this article, we have discussed how to know which domain Kickass Torrents is being hosted on and also told about the current working domain addresses to access the website.