How Long Does BigBasket Take to Deliver?

The competition in online eCommerce is high even for the TATA group; that’s why they have curated the delivery services to give quick access to the customers to compete with Dunzo, Swiggy, Blanket & Zepto.

When it comes to groceries, it’s a tradition in every home to forget the few ingredients to get it fresh at the last minute. Is the Big Basket the one to rescue the moment? How fast can they deliver the grocery order? If you’re interested in their quick delivery options, you can explore ‘big basket vendor registration‘ to learn more about their platform and registration process.”

Big Basket Quick Delivery Options

Big Basket Quick Delivery Options

Keeping every need of the customer in mind, Big Basket has expanded its delivery services. This online store has launched two quick delivery options by choosing the distance from the warehouses. Those are,

  • By now: This offers a 10 – 20 minute quick delivery if the distance is within a 1.5 – 2.5 km radius. This has access to over 3000 products in the listing.
  • Bb express: This offers an hour duration to deliver the products within a 6 km radius. This has access to over 8,000 products in the listing.

Normal Delivery Options

Normal Delivery Options

Other than the quick delivery options for special meal preparations, the Big Basket offers two modes of usual delivery options. Such are,

  • Bb Regular: This delivery system is the same as same-day delivery or delivery on the next day after placing the order.
  • Bb vending machine: This is the on-spot delivery of food products in the malls, supermarkets, and corporate sectors with a vending machine.

How Does Big Basket Manage The Quick Delivery?

How Does Big Basket Manage The Quick Delivery

The quickness of e-commerce services has developed rapid growth in online grocery sales. This is giving us instant access to the daily used products. Here, the e-commerce companies are setting up their warehouse or partnering up with the nearest local store that can serve within 15 minutes.

In this quick grocery delivery list, websites like Zepto, Blinkit, and Swiggy Instamart are also giving their best for the customers.

The CEO and Co-founder of Big Basket, Mr. Hari Menon, stated that apart from the consumers buying the daily groceries with the bbdaily category, they give opportunities to the instant unplanned customers and the impulse purchases. For any emergency purchase, the customer can use the bbnow service, and if the customer has any unplanned purchase order, then they can take the option bb express to get the order within an hour.

The Big Basket online firm has a mind-blowing network all across the country, with a chain of 90 stores running in offline mode. The company has said they are planning to expand the stores to 700 by the year-end. This scheme of Big Basket has the vision to create an entire expanse of sales from offline stores with physical nearby stores and online sales by quick delivery chances.

Vision for Delivering Quickly

Vision for Delivering Quickl

Big Basket doesn’t want to rely on third-party stores to supply the products; they plan to create as many stores as their warehouse to make the safest and most logical model to deliver the groceries on time. There is no cap amount to order through this platform, and you need to have a minimum order quantity of about 3 – 5 products, which has to be priced around Rs. 400 for the quick delivery services.

The Big Basket platform always relies on the mix of technology and innovation to understand its customers and clear any customer queries with effective solutions.

The current scenario of the Big Basket is with 15 million customers per month and spread over 40 cities inside the territory of India.

During the year 2020, TATA son’s subsidiary Tata Digital had 64.3% of the supermarket stores for grocery supplies. This makes the exit to the Alibaba group and theActis LLP as a parent concern of the Big Basket from Tata.

Quick Summary!

Big Basket has got hold of online grocery shopping with a firm grip. These online groceries provide the facilities to get them as soon as you can go by yourself to the nearest store. This makes it simple for your special occasions to avoid unnecessary store visits.

The delivery speed of the groceries is the option you tick with your purchase. While ordering, you can pick the time by bbnow for immediate 10-minute delivery, and bb express for delivery in 60 minutes, and the normal buying with same day or the next day delivery. Along with it, you will have daily purchases like milk at a particular time.

Which one is your favorite delivery speed? Are you a last-minute buyer or preplanner? Tell us about your order and delivery experience with Big Basket in the comments!