Gaming skills is a wide term. From skillful shooting and strategic management to the perfect combo execution in fighting – all of that is gaming skills. Being good in general and being good in particular games are different things also. Naturally, you may buy the best gaming headset under 100 dollars and still not be the sharpest pen in the box.

Improving a gamer’s skills is not about mastering every game released. It is about changing the way of thinking toward the games and about the movies that people watch online and treating them with respect. Without further ado, five easy tips on how to be a better gamer.

Optimize the Equipment

Gaming equipment may not play a vital role in your gaming experience, but it is still a necessary component. There are a lot of products:

  • Keyboards
  • Steering wheels
  • Headsets
  • Gamepads

Most of them have flashy advertisements and promise bigger-than-life gaming.

However, despite numerous devices and their features, the best device is the one that fits you, this is also the reason why you swipe Sodexo cards to make certain payments. If you like lightning-fast gameplay, then you need a mouse with high sensitivity and a responsive keyboard. If you prefer more slow-paced and mindful games, a keyboard with additional buttons is your choice. The key idea of this tip is to decide what kind of games you like and have the devices that answer your request. They will not improve your skills immediately, but you will feel comfortable while you are learning.

Complete Tutorial

A tutorial is an important part of any game. Usually, it is a dedicated section where the game teaches you how to play it, what your character is capable of, and what obstacles you will face. Modern games tend to blend the tutorial section in the gameplay seamlessly. It is often hard to tell where the tutorial ends and the actual game begins. Older games usually have a separate tutorial sub-menu that does not cross with the main game. Modern games made according to the old game design principles have the same feature. Choose the approach according to your gaming experience.

No matter how much gaming experience you have at the moment, the tutorial is always a good idea. Each completed tutorial section of any game reinforces already existing skills and knowledge. Besides, it shows tiny nuances of a new game. You keep your knowledge actual and skills sharp, even repeating the most basic actions over and over again.

Learn the Guides

It is a familiar situation for tactical RPGs players – you start a new game, create a party of characters, and get totally wiped out by the first combat encounter in the game. You try another combination of skills and abilities and fail again. The game seems unfair, and each challenge, even a minor one, is an unbeatable obstacle.

Some games tend not to explain themselves to a player. Others try their best to give all the necessary knowledge but still remain soul-crushingly hard. If you face this case, online guides and tutorials by experienced gamers are your best friends.

There is an idea that if you read guides and look for tips for a game, you spoil the fun of discovery. However, there’s a clear difference between the fun of discovery and attempts to break a thick wall with your head. Looking for a clear, adequate explanation of game mechanics, optimal ways to build your character, or the shortest way to necessary power-ups, is not cheating. It is the way to experience the game as the developers intended without unnecessary frustration.

Play More Games


This tip may sound obvious and a bit naive: if you want to be better in games, you need to play more games. Well, this is true, but the essence of the tip is not to play more games for the sake of playing more games. The idea is to discover new genres, synthesize knowledge, and apply it in other games.

Games discover new ways of combining genres as long as they exist. Action RPGs, adventures, tactical strategies – all of these mixes provide unique and interesting experiences. If you stick to one genre, you will be a master of it sooner or later. However, some of the games won’t be so easy for you as they would include elements from other games and genres.

Therefore, to improve your gaming skills, you should try new genres and new approaches. Knowledge gained in a tactical RPG would help you in fighting. Quick reaction from shooters would serve you well in strategies’ decision-making. Besides, you may find a new passion of yours that you could not imagine previously. Mastery means consistency but expanding the gaming horizons is equally important. Don’t be afraid to try something new, and your time-proven titles will shine with new colors.

Practice a Healthy Approach

Sometimes, difficulty spikes may suck all of the fun from the game. It is true that the more we practice certain difficult areas in the game, the better we become in it. This is true, but it is important to approach difficult situations in the game in a healthy way.

There’s a clear line between learning the difficult pattern and torturing yourself with it. At some point of numerous attempts, our brain is getting tired and makes less and less effort to beat the game. At the same time, the frustration grows within, don’t let yourself put aside this challenge. In most cases, it ends with broken devices or emotional burnout.

The tip here is to put aside the challenge when it becomes too frustrating. The trick is that our brains are wired to process the unsolved task while we are doing something else. Advice to step aside for a bit is not only for cooling down but for finding the real solution eventually. While you are doing something mundane, your brains keep processing the last unsolved puzzle. Then, suddenly, a flash of inspiration comes, and you beat the challenge from the first try. Being a good gamer means not only playing well but also approaching games in a healthy manner.