Very soon, players will be able to continue pumping their characters and explore new lands. The storyline will take the characters to a new archipelago of islands with dragons and introduce them to a new race – the Drakaris.

New race

New race – Drakaris. A mixture of man and dragon with the possibility of reincarnation and change of essence, where each species will have its own abilities.

Human form will be able to heal allies in an area, while dragon form will allow the player to soar into the air and incinerate enemies with fire from a long distance.

The new class will be faction-free and will be available to both Horde and Alliance.

Drakaris will start and train for the first 10 levels in a new, unique location on the Dragon Isles separately from the rest, but upon reaching level 10 they will go to the outside world along with other races and classes.

Levels and pumping

The Dragonfly update will increase the level cap. Players who stopped at the last level of Shadowlands – 60 will be able to continue their leveling and reach the new maximum level – 70.

Wow leveling 60 70 will be achieved exclusively on the Dragon Isles by completing quests and hunting in new locations:

The Shores of Awakening is the first location in the Dragonfly update to be inhabited by half-giants and red dragons. From time to time, players will watch their confrontation with each other. The character must help Wrathion, an adventurer and historian who studies ancestral places.

The On’ara Plains are home to rare green dragons and centaurs. The territory consists of a huge wasteland, through which you have to travel to get to the next point.

The Azure expanse is a vast territory covered in ice, snow and inhabited by a large number of creatures and blue dragons. The player will be accompanied by Kalecgos, an archive researcher.

Taldrazus is a mountainous area with a huge number of caves. The place of power for all types of dragons and the main city and capital of the dragon lands – Valdraken. The city is divided into quarters, each of which corresponds to a different type of dragon. There are auctions and gardens in all districts, and handicraft workbenches can be found in the center.

Flying on dragons

A new flight system in which you have to tame one of the dragons on the dragon islands – teach them commands and various tricks, and also learn how to sit in the saddle.

Each dragon will be unique due to customization and the possibility of developing its skills. Gradually, with an increase in the level, the dragon will change its appearance according to the wishes of the owner.

Also, with the development of your pet, you will be able to perform various tricks and maneuver in the sky, depicting aerobatics and dodging most attacks. Over time, you will be able to independently attack air targets.

As you fly over the islands – be careful. There are many creatures on the territory that can knock an inexperienced rider off the saddle.

Your rider skill will be upgraded by improving the flying talent tree. Filling skills will allow you to significantly strengthen your pet and character.

Changing the profession system

In the new Dragonfly update, the developers will significantly increase the motivation of players to engage in professions. Now crafts will be able to help the player create truly unique and masterpiece items for his character and to earn money from his abilities.

Main changes:

  • Quality
  • Specialization
  • Orders


A new criterion that distinguishes ordinary armor from masterpiece.

The higher the crafter’s skill, the more likely it is to create an item of good or exceptional quality, which will have improved, and additional characteristics compared to ordinary items.


Now each profession will have its own specialization – the direction of development of the craft, which will allow you to create narrowly focused and valuable things in your segment. A blacksmith who chooses a weaponsmith specialization will be able to create special weapons with enhanced characteristics and remake any weapon as the specialization skills develop. The more special equipment an artisan produces, the faster the required skill will be developed.


Now, in order to create unique equipment, a player does not have to upgrade a profession. If you have a recipe, you can create an order and wait for a player with a developed skill to create an item for you.

The order is placed by the NPS, to which all the conditions of the order are transferred, and the finished product is returned, which will be transferred to the customer player.

A player with advanced professions can keep track of orders and take those that are of interest to him. Please read the terms and conditions carefully.

Completing orders is a great way to level up crafting skills and specialization.