Is Kickass Legal?

Kickass Torrent was a simple U torrent website when it was started. In a very short period, this file-sharing platform became a great success because of the massive content on its site and, most importantly, download features.

It boomed between the years 2008 and 2016 with many popular categories organized with millions of torrent files. 

After the seizing of the domain by the US government, many more torrent file-sharing sites have been raised, but nothing could replace the kick-ass torrent site. 

Even though it made file sharing and downloading much easier, it had its flaws. Anyone can download any file, even copyright-claimed files.

This seemed a bit risky. You may be wondering about the security and legal safety of these sites. Many people are using it for easy downloading options.

But is it legal to use the kickass? Come on, let’s explore the book and corner to find the answer! 

Is Kickass Still Running? 

Is Kickass Still Running? 

Of Course, Kickass is still more active, and there are wide options of content like music, movies, games, and software available to download. But not in the same domain. The mirror sites act as a mode of backup sites, so this has the same data to remain accessible just like the original site. The design and layout of everything will look the same as the original one.

Is it Secure to Use Kickass? 

Is it Secure to Use Kickass_ 

These torrent file-transferring sites may seem safe, but originally they are not. There are many traps and risks hidden inside these sites. The contents of the site may be a pirated version, which is not included with the owner’s authority.

If you download such files without copyright from torrent sites, you may have to face some serious consequences, which may lead to fines and criminal charges sometimes. 

Security risks are major in a few cases. Digital privacy may be a question mark in some sites associated with torrent sites. For example,  the content you are downloading may have a file on the site along with spyware, malware, viruses, or any other questionable threats to your device if you happen to download them. 

The dangers are clearly seen by using the Kickass site, yet you can use the alternative Kickass torrent site for better downloading with fewer risks to take. 

Safe Methods to Access Kickass 

Safe Methods to Access Kickass 

After knowing all the potential risks, if you prefer to use this site for downloading, the choice is yours. But to stay on the safer side to maintain your safety and privacy, follow these tips.

  • Always use a VPN address to mark yourself as an unknown authority to make your activity private and safe from the outside world.
  • Clearly manage the safety and privacy of your data when you use the site. Arrange for antivirus software to keep it safe.
  • Don’t click on any ad in between your content, which may lead you to another site. So, use a reliable source for ad blocking. 
  • Look for the comments section for a reliable source of content from the experience of previous buyers. You can get notes of experience from a wide range of audiences and their feedback after using it.

Is Kickass Legal?

Is Kickass Legal?

As this has been the discussion among many of us now, Kickass has its legal issues. The content on the page is copyrighted material. Downloading these files without the copyright holding person’s permission is generally regarded as illegal.

Then, you may face some legal complications. Downloading u torrent files containing other people’s content is not a legal thing to do.  So, Kickass is not legal. 

Trouble with Using the Kickass

Trouble with Using the Kickass

Let it be Kickass or any other platform to share copyrighted files. Even though it is between the peer-to-peer file sharing, downloading without concern from the copyrighted can give you a lot of trouble.

The issue can be a legal action with fines and penalties for accessing their content. Many countries have announced this as an illegal act, and there will be the risk of legal action. Even downloading music, movies, games, and software is considered to be illegal if it is done without permission.

Also, this is followed by legal risk and action. 

Other Complications with Kickass

The copyright issue may seem to be the main complication everybody is thinking of. However, it also has many other negative elements, such as the following: 

  • The problem with downloading patches and cracks.
  • The redirection of sites may lead you to unknown websites, which may cause unwanted risks to your system.
  • The third-party cookies used here may collect various information from our device, which is also a risk.
  • The device malfunction can be caused by dangerous torrent files while uploading. 
  • The main thing is there will be many copycat websites with the same name with packages of malware and other unwanted scripts. 


The kickass file downloaders are the easiest and the most desired platforms for many. These beneficial resources attached to the site may be a noteworthy option for those who are looking for free downloading files. Their broad spectrum of content and keenly organized categories make it user-friendly, and they want you to use it for almost every download.

The pirated content on the platform may cause legal issues if you download any copyright-holding file. Here, no file will have permission from the copyright holder. So, take your own risk when using these platforms.

Are you a lover of downloading entertainment files? If so, please protect your information by using a VPN while accessing these sites. The VPN may save you from the legal risks of fines and penalties.

It is advised not to take risks with copyrighted material and fine issues and share us in the comment if you had this experience!