Moving Homes? 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Taking Plants With You

Having your own little garden at home feels like an escape in a buzzing and famously congested city like New York. However, things can become hectic when you have to move and cannot leave your plants behind.

House moving is a massive headache for many. While working with professional moving companies in NYC can help reduce the stress of getting your furniture and other belongings out safely; still, your plants will need special care and attention during this time. Without proper handling, they can sustain physical damage leading to their death, making them vulnerable to rot, halting their growth, or withering their entire system.

Moving your plants calls for care and caution, and here are some mistakes to avoid when you are at it:

1. Not Preparing or Planning Enough

Your furniture pieces must be disassembled and packed properly before they can be moved. Your plants also require the same degree of attention.

These considerations can include the type of plants you have (potted or climbers), the season you are moving in, the type of container needed to pack them, and the best time to move your plants.

2. Not Researching the Specific Needs of Your Plants

Every plant has a unique need when it comes to light, water, and temperature. Failing to understand and provide for these needs can stress the plants.

Additionally, when moving homes, there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of. There’s always a possibility that you can get occupied with other aspects of the move. It is highly recommended in such cases to invest in automated watering systems or bring in the plants at the last phase of the move.

3. Not Securing Them Before the Move

Another mistake that can leave you with damaged or dead plants is not packing or securing them properly. Packaging your plants in containers that offer adequate air circulation and cushioning to sustain minor shocks experienced during moving is crucial. Make sure that these containers properly fit the pots without creating unnecessary tight spaces.

4. Not Adhering to Watering Requirements

Overwatering your plants can loosen the roots and might make them vulnerable to rotting. On the other hand, underwatering your plants can result in them being dehydrated. While on the move, make sure you take time out to water your plants properly.

5. Not Hiring Professional Movers

When you decide to work with professional moving companies like Moishe’s Moving, you will be availing their expertise and commitment to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition to your new place.

These companies have a fleet of moving vehicles, tried and tested techniques, and dedicated services, enabling them to take over the process and offer peace of mind. If you have been overly concerned about moving your belongings, speaking with a seasoned expert is always best instead of doing the guesswork.

Time to Breathe a Sigh of Relief

Moving is a stressful and overwhelming process, no matter how long you have been planning. It magnifies when you have plants that must be taken care of during the process. While working with a professional will ensure a seamless experience, it is always best to do your own research and prepare yourself to maintain the health of your plants before, during, and after the move. Planning in advance will ensure your beloved plants reach their new home safely and soundly.