Kickass Torrent Banned

Kickass Torrent is a website that forms a directory for torrent files and magnet links. It uses a bit to bitTorrents protocol to share P2p multiple torrent files. One can access multiple files via torrent.

But Kickass torrent is blocked by the government because of restrictions. To avoid that, many people use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to use. It might be dangerous sometimes as it depends on the VPN we are using.

One can open Kickass Torrent without using VPN. This site is mainly used for downloading movies—the best site for recently released movies to download and watch it.

Once the government blocked it, people faced many problems, yet they started using alternative sites like The Pirate Bay, Legit Torrents, TorrentDownloads, etc.

It is still possible to access Kickass torrents without any VPN. In this article, we learn how to unblock the torrents for easy access. Below are two methods to unblock them:

  • By Using Mirror sites or Proxy
  • Tor Browser

Mirror Sites or Proxy:

Proxy sites or Mirror sites are replicas of the original websites. This becomes handy while you try to access the original Kickass torrent site. By making slight changes in the URL, these mirror sites are created to access the Kickass Torrents.

One can download movies by using these sites. Always be careful while using these mirror sites. Below is the list of popular working mirror sites or proxy sites:

Useful Links:

Note: It is always good to get the latest and secured proxy sites to avoid any virus or trojan horse into the system while accessing it. Always good to open these sites in incognito modes of a browser. Never click on any pop-ups for the safe side.


One of the best alternatives used to unblock the Kickass Torrents and access them. It is a popular browser used across the globe to download content from this website.

It has a strong security firewall that enables a user to access it easily. One cannot share the IP address of the system when you use this TOR browser. There is no need to change the location with a VPN as it has an inbuilt VPN. This creates a dummy location for your system, which unblocks the Kickass torrents firewall.

It is essential to have a good internet speed while you access this browser as it takes a lot of time to download the files. If speed is slow, it affects the downloading of the files we require. Your system becomes an anonymous user, which is the best part.

This browser even hides your web search traffic and history. It is available in operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac. This browser is also available in intelligent electronic devices like Tab, mobile phones. It is compatible with both Android and ios software. Links for reference to download the TOR browser from mobile or tab:


Android: http://

One can even use Kickass Torrent sign up. It is simple to use, and below are the steps mentioned:

  • Download the torrent browser in your system.
  • Go to the website kickass torrents.
  • Select the movie you want to download. It redirects to a page where it says s create a free account.
  • Click on that and complete the steps for creating a free account.
  • Open torrent software where a magnet icon is displayed. Click on that icon and enter the URI copied from the website.
  • You need to add the movie URL in the browser, which you can get from the selected movie’s view source from the website.
  • Paste the link and click Ok. You will receive a notification once the movie is downloaded.

Always be careful while downloading the application and using it.

Kickass Torrent Sign Up

  • Before registration, one needs to know the correct domain where it is being hosted. Though government blocks the host address multiple times, we use alternative sites.
  • The URL is kickass torrents
  • You can directly download the magnet file from the website if it does not require an account.
  • For some files, an account is needed, and for that, signup is the first step.
  • Click on the face logo on the right top of the menu bar. It redirects to a page where we can see the signup option.
  • Click on that option. A new window pops out where you enter all the mandatory fields.
  • Add-blocker is required for a smooth process of registration. It saves time.
  • Once you enter the details, you are redirected to the credit card page.
  • Credit card details are required to create an account. No amount is deducted from the account.
  • Be careful while entering the card details. Check the URL type, whether it is HTTPS or HTTP, and any value is displayed after the question mark in the URL.
  • A mail is sent to your registered email address.
  • To double-check login into the account and download a movie.

This site is best for downloading movies. Take all the safety measures while you use this platform. If you are not sure about using this site, seek additional help. Always use correct and legal procedure for sign up of account and using it for downloading the files.