The human race just absolutely loves cheating sometimes doesn’t it? History is full of cheaters, some denounced for their actions, and some of course heralded for them. Anything remotely competitive is always susceptible to some kind of cheater trying their luck – just look at the amount of famous athletes that have been hit with doping bans over the years.

Here’s the thing about cheating however: it immediately becomes a lot more of an intense desire once there is some money on the line. It is due to this fact that casinos have been plagued by cheats trying to find the way to a sure fire win since their beginnings. As time has gone on they have got better and better at stopping these opportunists, until the birth of online no deposit free spins UK casino games killed the problem dead. Or did it? Let’s find out.

Using Old Casino Game Cheats

Traditional casino cheats have been well documented, and some of them really did work back in the day. For instance, the old trick of drilling a hole through a coin and threading through a very thin piece of string did wonders for cheaters until casinos cracked down on the practise. Using powerful electromagnets to spin the reels was also a favourite play that eventually got shutdown too.

But do these traditional cheats work in the realm of online casino? Well, quite obviously the ones explained above won’t work. And there aren’t really many traditional methods that can be replicated online, other than having a man on the inside, but we’ll get to that later. A definite plus for the online casino industry is that they have successfully thwarted a few age-old tricks and just like Piratebay, it’s completely safe.

“Cheating” In A Legal Manner

Okay, we now that legal cheating isn’t really cheating, but there are a few neat tricks you can use in order to greatly increase your chances of coming out of an online casino session victorious. Something that many seasoned online slot gamblers swear by, for instance, is counting the average number of spins between each win. With this knowledge you can slowly start to place bets more tactically, never a bad thing.

Doing the required amount of research is also a no-brainer, especially on the slots when you are sitting at home. Every single one is a little different, and if you want the best chance of actually making a win you better know what you are doing.

Proper Online Casino Cheats: Do They Exist?

But what about actual online casino cheats, do they actually exist? Well, one thing you cannot deny is that they would have to exist in a completely different way to the casino cheats of old, as the new technology just simply doesn’t allow for some of the more rudimentary cheating methods.

What it comes down to in most cases is knowing somebody on the inside; a rogue developer or online casino employee who could help you get around the stringent cheat-proof protection. This is easier said than done, however, so don’t hold out hope.