Bingo is one of Britain’s favourite pastimes and there’s loads of reasons for this – people love trying their luck at winning the jackpot, socializing with their friends, and the hilarious bingo nicknames used by the host – check out 9 Pots of Gold.

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Not to worry – read on, we’re going to be breaking down what bingo nicknames are and providing our favourite examples.

So, what are they?

Bingo nicknames are catchy phrases, rhymes and jokes that are supposed to be memorable and associated with a particular number and watching movies. The number might simply rhyme with the joke, or the nickname might instead reference something of cultural or historical significance. Bingo nicknames first originated during World War One when British servicemen would place an early version of bingo and make up silly nicknames to keep up each other’s spirits! Love it. Here are a few absolute classic bingo nicknames to get us started:

– Number 4, Knock at the Door

– Number 3, Cup of Tea

– Number 17, Dancing Queen

As you can see from these three examples, bingo call nicknames don’t have to be too clever. All that’s required is a bit of a rhyme, a reference to a classic song or something such as tea that everyone in the UK likes. However, not all bingo nicknames are this simple. Read on to find out about some more types!

Other types of bingo nicknames

Whilst some of the most memorable bingo nicknames are based on rhymes and puns, a lot of them are actually quite deep, making references to pop culture, history and even some requiring a few brains to figure them out! A few types we can think of are:

– Historic bingo nicknames

– Mathematic bingo nicknames

– Visual bingo nicknames

A perfect example of a historic bingo nickname is Number 10, Downing Street. This is a simple reference to politics in the UK, something that most people who play bingo will understand and could help teach young bingo fans in the future! Mathematic bingo nicknames are pretty clever too – an example of this could be ’48, Four Dozen’. In this case, a dozen is an old-fashioned term for twelve, and four multiplied by twelve is 48! Nobody told me this was going to be a maths exam! Last but not least, we have the quite common visual bingo nicknames. Calls such as “22, two little ducks” and “11, legs eleven” are simply supposed to visually describe what the numbers look like. Brilliant.

Rich History of Bingo Nicknames

Overall, Britain has got a rich history of bingo nicknames, and hopefully we’ve helped you dip your toes into it. From the simple rhymes and puns to historically and culturally significant bingo call nicknames, bingo really does have something for everybody just like kickass torrent. At the end of the day, bingo calls not only serve a memorable purpose but simply give us that little bit of extra entertainment – bingo just wouldn’t be the same without them!