Some of the consumers of the Ring Doorbell are wondering whether the Ring Doorbell works with Google Home. If you are among them, look no more, since, in this article, we explain whether or not the Ring Doorbell works with the Google Home (PS. It does) and explain how to use the Doorbell with Google home.

However, one question raises another. To those unaware of the Ring Doorbell, or those contemplating purchasing a Ring Doorbell, we will be answering these questions by explaining all about the Ring Doorbell.

What Is the Ring Doorbell?

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Before we discuss how to use the Ring Doorbell with the Google Home, we need to talk about what the Ring Doorbell is. To those unaware, the Ring Doorbell is a product from Ring Inc, home security, and the smart home company owned by Amazon.

So, it is owned by a massive player in the market. Now, talking about the product itself, the Ring Doorbell is an HD video doorbell that allows the user to see who is standing outside their house. Since a conglomerate like Amazon backs the brand, it is well known among the tech nerds.

But, for a lot of people, there exists one doubt within their minds as to how to incorporate the Ring Doorbell with the Google Home. We will be answering that later, but, as of now, we will be listing out the role of the Google Home and explain what it is.

What is Google Home, and How Is It Useful?

Google Home

The Google Home is a device that is quite like the Amazon Echo (Mentioned for reference). It allows the user to access their smart devices by using their voice. This will help the user to take full control of the device and access it without any manual feedback or manual input.

This will lead to ease of access and saving of time for the user. It seems like a dream: does it not? That, paired with the brand value of Google, seems to be the right combination since other brands have these kinds of solutions, but privacy is a bit of a concern to some.

Now, when you have decided to purchase the Ring Doorbell and Google Home, you may be wondering how to connect them both and have a seamless experience. Worry not, since we will be explaining how to use them both in parity, to form a seamless connection.

Does the Ring Doorbell Work with The Google Home?

Before we explain how to use the Ring Doorbell with Google Home, we need to answer the million-dollar question, does the Ring Doorbell Work with Google Home? To put it simply, Yes, it does work with the Google Home, with a few caveats.

First of all, you have to understand that Ring (Owned By Amazon) is a competitor in the Smart Home space since Google offers it. In contrast, Amazon offers the Echo. Hence, Google has not fully incorporated the device with the Home.

But, with the multi-verse that is the Internet, you can make the connection between the two devices, albeit not at a fully-featured version. Some things that do not work in this connection are: –

  • You cannot see the video output of the Doorbell through the Google Home Hub display.
  • You cannot cast the video to a Google Chromecast in case you wanted to view the feed on your TV or another external display.

What Does Work Then?

You may be wondering what works then since some features are not available on the Ring Doorbell. Do not worry, and there are tons of features that work on the Ring Doorbell in conjunction with the Google Home. Some of them are: –

  1. Switching on or Off Motion alerts.
  2. Turning Ring alerts On and Off.
  3. Inquiry on when the last time your Doorbell rang.
  4. Starting a recording via your voice.
  5. Inquiry on the level and status of your Ring Doorbell.

Hopefully, you are content, knowing that this device works and offers a host of features. Now, moving on to how to use the Google Home with the Ring Doorbell.

How to Use the Ring Doorbell with Google Home?

Now, moving on to how to use the Google Home with the Ring Doorbell, starting with the applications or tools required to make the connection.

  • Google Home: The Google Home app allows the user to access the Home from Google and fully utilize your device.
  • Google Assistant: The Google Assistant app must use your voice to control various aspects of your smartphone and access other smart devices.
  • Ring App: The Ring App will be necessary to connect your device (From Ring) and create a Ring ID, which will be necessary to make the connection between the Ring Doorbell and the Google Home.

Using these applications, you can make the connection between the Google Home and the Ring Doorbell.

Steps to Follow: –

  • Open your native browser on your desktop or PC. Then, open the Google Assistant Ring service web page.
  • You will see many options, and amongst them, you will see the option of Send to device. Click it.
  • A drop-down menu will be shown. You will see various options for Google Home devices. Choose the device that you want to connect to the Ring.
  • Your phone will receive a notification soon after choosing the device; the notification will prompt a message to link Google to your Ring account.
  • Tap the prompt that you receive, then complete the process by entering your Ring username. (If you do not have one, make a Ring account, since it is necessary to use the app.) and enter your password.
  • Your setup will be completed in some time. You will now be able to access the Ring from your Google Device.

The connection is now complete. You will be able to use the device with ease. Some ways to control it are specified below.

  • You can use the voice control by saying, Hey Google, talk to Ring. After the connection is complete, the Ring will ask you about what you want to do.
  • You can prompt command to Turn motion alerts on/Off.
  • You can order the device to turn Off/On the ring alerts option.
  • You can ask when the Doorbell rang the last time.
  • You can ask the device to start recording the feed.
  • Finally, you can ask about the status of the Doorbell. (Health of the Doorbell).

Hence, this was a detailed explanation on how to use the Ring Doorbell in conjunction with the Google Home.

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