Driving can be one of those tasks that leave you sitting practically motionless for long periods. When this sitting turns into hours, the tightness that builds up in your muscles can be quite annoying and uncomfortable. This is where the utility of a wedge seat cushion comes into play.

A wedge cushion helps keep your butt rooted to the car seat by creating an incline so that your back muscles don’t have to do all the work. It also relieves pressure and makes the ride a lot more comfortable for you, plus it supports your lower back and can reduce fatigue and irritation in this area (e.g., pain from sciatica).

Types of Wedge Seat Cushions

Wedge seat cushions come in various shapes and sizes, but the basic premise remains the same: They’re used to relieve pain and discomfort from your back, rear end, neck, and other parts.

Some are simply cushions you can sit on or lay down wherever you need while watching movies or enjoying food, while others come with straps to secure them to the car seat. Others still, specifically made for the car, have a cutout section designed to fit around your headrest.

Some are even made to be placed behind the backseat headrest for rear-facing car seats.

How to Use a Wedge Seat Cushion

Place your seat cushion for car where you feel pain, discomfort, or just general numbness. Experiment with placing it at different angles until you find the right fit.

If you have chronic back or hip pain, you may also want to try using the cushion under your thighs as you drive for added support. However, if you’re still feeling discomfort after an hour or so despite wedging yourself in the backseat, it could just be that the cushion is too small and your weight isn’t properly distributed.

Another useful position is to wedge one behind your back while you sit in the car or use it when you get out. This way, it can support your lower back when you’re not sitting in the car too.

Some high-end wedge seat cushions come with memory foam and extra padding to improve comfort and reduce muscle fatigue. If you’re concerned about the size of your cushion, you can always look for a model designed with straps or another way to secure it in place, especially since some are also made specifically for truck seats.

How to Care for Your Wedge Seat Cushion?

Caring for your wedge seat cushion is easy. Just wipe off the cover with a damp, soapy cloth now and then (the foam ones can be hand-washed) or remove it entirely and wash it in the machine. Make sure to let it dry completely before putting it back together again with your other home decor or in the car.

If you’re using one without a removable cover, make sure to air dry it out before using it again, and don’t forget to let the foam dry out every few weeks by leaving it in a warm area for a day or two.

If you feel that the foam has flattened out or is otherwise unsupportive, you can occasionally sprinkle some water on it to help it regain its shape.

Remember that this type of cushion needs time to adjust to your particular sitting position and build up enough pressure for pain relief. So be patient with it, and always ease into sitting after periods of standing or lying down.