Some say that college days will be the best period in your life. You are young, full of hopes and dreams, watching movies, and surrounded by friends. Your whole future lies ahead of you, with many exciting opportunities and prospects. But not everything is so perfect all the time. Everybody knows that you are the one responsible for your success and happiness.

There are some band habits that can completely ruin your college experience. You can party too much or study too hard. Those students who find themselves far away from home tend to spiral a little bit without strict parental control. But in the end, there will be some things that you wish you could have changed!

It’s totally fine to have a couple of bad habits that you can’t seem to shake. After all, nobody is perfect. For example, you can procrastinate as much as you want if you If you write “write a paper for me” to keep up with your studies. Still, some problems have to be addressed early on so that you don’t have any regrets in the future. After all, your well-being is just as important as your studies.

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So, are you ready to take full advantage of your college experience? Here are seven bad habits that are ruining your student life and some tips about how to get rid of them.


Time management is one of the biggest weaknesses of any learner. When you first enroll in college, your new life becomes overwhelming. It’s pretty hard to focus on your homework when there are no parents to boss you around! Still, this is a habit that can turn into a big issue in the future. You will have more and more assignments that will pile up and ruin your life.

Here are a couple of tips about how to steer clear of procrastination:

  • set your studying goals; stay away from movies
  • practice organization every day;
  • get rid of any distractions in your surroundings;
  • take small breaks;
  • give yourself some incentives.

Partying and Drinking

Sure, almost all college students want to spend time with their friends. It’s okay when partying happens on the weekends and doesn’t interfere with your homework. Luckily, there are plenty of services that you can find on EssayPro review to help you with your assignments. Still, you need to cut back on partying if you don’t have enough time for your learning.

Lack of Schedule

This bad habit is closely connected to procrastination. Students tend to waste their time a lot when there is no strict timetable. Your college life will be full of interesting activities! So, make sure to create a schedule that will include all of your classes, events, study groups, and even days off. This type of organization will help you in college and during your career.

Missing Classes

It’s okay to miss a couple of classes in the beginning when professors give little information about the subject. But as time goes by, it will be very hard to keep up with your courses if you are constantly absent. You will definitely fall behind, and it will be harder for you to pass exams. As a result, your whole graduation plan might fall apart! So, don’t miss classes!

No Physical Activity

There might not be enough time for doing everything you want because you still have to do your assignments and go to class. Yet, many experts say that a healthy lifestyle can greatly improve your academic performance and your quality of life in general. Here are some ideas about staying healthy in college:

  • avoid eating junk food daily;
  • go for a run every once in a while;
  • practice meditation and mindfulness;
  • spend more time in the fresh air;
  • join some physical activity classes on campus.

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Not Doing Homework

This bad habit is pretty obvious. Just like missing classes, it’s okay to miss one or two assignments. But when you make a habit out of it, they pile up! It will be impossible for learners to make up for the lost time when finals come by the end of the semester. Your grades will suffer, and your whole college experience will be ruined.

No Planning for the Future

Even though this is not a habit, it’s a certain pattern that can have negative consequences. When you are a freshman, it’s only natural to be in the moment. Thinking about the future should come naturally after the first couple of years. When you have no plan, your whole college experience becomes aimless.

To Sum Up

So there you have it – seven bad habits that can ruin your college life. Being a student is so much fun, but you have certain duties too. Your mental and physical health plays a huge role in your college success. So, make sure that you take care of yourself, and you will have every chance of succeeding!