Moving is stressful for many due to packing. But it doesn’t always have to be like this! Plan your move and go through a packing checklist to ensure a smooth and stress-free relocation.

General Moving and Packing Tips

Packing is the main phase of moving. You need to organize your items based on their utility to keep track of them during packing and unpacking. Here are some packing guidelines to consider:

1. Pack Similar Items Together

Pack items with similar functions together. Use a padding layer in each box while packing. You can use bubble wrap, old newspapers or household items such as towels or blankets for a padding effect. Once done, start by putting the heaviest items in the box first.

2. Label a Box by Room and its Contents

Label all the packing boxes by room and their content like neon lights and wardrobe. Use a separate container for packing essentials such as screwdrivers, hammers, snacks, toothbrushes, paper plates, utensils and cups, medications and first-aid kit etc.

3. Avoid Packing Boxes to the Brim

Don’t fill boxes to the full to keep the boxes from becoming too heavy. It helps reduce the likelihood of packing boxes incurring damage during the move.

4. Packing Supplies

Gather all the packing supplies before starting to pack. Here are the essential packing items:

Packing Boxes:

There are different websites to buy cheap moving boxes. You can also purchase used boxes or ask your family and friends for some packing boxes. Get boxes varying in size.

Wrapping Sheets:

Bubble wrap keeps items protected during a move to keep thermostats intact. The best thing is that it’s available at the department stores and even for free on Facebook marketplaces.


Use a dolly to transport boxes between places. You can rent a dolly from home improvement shops or a moving company.

Room-by-Room Packing Checklist

Make an inventory of the items you want to take. Create a separate checklist for moving for each room. It will help you organize your belongings and keep track of them. Use all the packing items such as moving boxes, padding, duct tape and blankets to protect items from breaking.

Don’t forget to mark your moving boxes. It will help you putting them exactly where you want in your new home.

Put a room name on the top and sides of the box with the content list. For example, a box packed for a bedroom can have a note “bedroom/side table items/ non-fragile.”

Packing Tips for Kitchen

Defrost your refrigerator 48 hours before moving.

Wrap Dishes:

Pack the dishes by wrapping them in bubble wrap. However, avoid overpacking the box. It would keep you from losing a whole group even if a box incurs damage.

Sectioned Boxes for packing glasses:

Pack glasses using sectioned boxes. It will ensure their safety.

Pack Small Appliances:

Pack small appliances by removing blades and loose components. Tape the additional parts along with the cord, including the instruction manual.

Packing Dry Goods:

Use a tape or a bubble wrap for packing jars of spices and food to prevent them from moving during the transit.

Transport refrigerated items in coolers with ice.

Packing Decoration, Jewelry & Clothes

Pack the decoration and jewelry in small boxes with bubble wrap or newspaper to ensure safety.

Pack clothes in a suitcase with hangers if possible.

Packing Electronics

Use blankets to wrap TV screens for safe transportation. Bubble wrap the TV screen and tape the cord before putting it inside a box.

Packing Furniture & Lamps

If your furniture is disassemblable, remove the chair and table legs before packing. Wrap a blanket around the dining top before moving it into a truck.

Remove the lamp shades. Pack the lampshade and lamp container separately.

Packing Rugs

Clean and wash your rugs before packing. Roll them over and then pack them in a box.


Packing is hard work. Apply the tips shared above to reduce the hassle. You can pack your belongings and transport them step by step instead of doing it all at once. Storage services are available in case you want to store a few of your items before taking them to your new place. You can always consult with a cleaning service in Raleigh, NC to assist you with cleaning and moving in and out. Good Luck!