When choosing the right local plumber for your plumbing needs, you shouldn’t take the decision lightly. It’s important to choose a reputable, reliable, professional, and efficient plumber because you want to have confidence in their work. Before choosing the right plumber for you, consider these five points about each candidate!


One of the most important elements you can look for in a local plumber is being transparent about their cost. When choosing a local plumber, you want to pick one that can tell you how much your repair will cost once they have inspected your plumbing problem. With this quote, they should also be able to give you a full breakdown of what the money you’re paying them will be going to if you request it.

A reputable plumber won’t hit you with hidden fees or surprise costs at the end of their work. If you’re unsure about the price you’ve been quoted, consider getting two or three price estimates from local plumbers in your area to ensure you’re getting a fair price.


When choosing a plumber for your home, you will likely want to consider how long the plumber has been in the business and how long the company has been operating. While the longevity of someone’s career doesn’t always equate to the best service, it can often be a good sign that the plumber knows what they’re doing and will be efficient.

Experience is often one of the best skills a plumber can provide their customers because it usually means they’ve handled plumbing problems like yours before. The longer a plumber has been in the business, the less likely they will be surprised by your plumbing issue, leading to a faster and higher-quality plumbing repair!

License and Insurance

You should only consider plumbers who can prove to you that they are licensed and insured to do the work on your plumbing. All plumbers are required by Australian law to have both general liability insurance as well as tradesperson’s compensation insurance. If they can’t provide proof of one or both of these, you shouldn’t hire them to do your plumbing work.

While great plumbers do all they can to be safe while working, accidents happen, and they must be covered in the case of an accident while performing your plumbing work. Making sure you are using a plumber that has followed the correct steps to be licensed and insured will help protect you from possible issues if an injury happens at your home. You can typically find confirmation of license and insurance on a reputable company’s website!


When looking for a good plumber, it never hurts to ask your family and friends who they recommend especially when you ask about Swiggy recommendations. A plumber’s website is meant to sell you their services, so you will likely only find positive information. If you want authentic experiences, ask people who live near you about their experiences with different plumbers around you.

If you don’t have anyone close to you who can recommend a plumber to you, go to social media pages or Internet search results and read the reviews left by previous customers. These reviews will tell you how the plumber responds to requests for repairs, how they treat your home during repairs, and how they treat their customers. These reviews can help determine which plumber is the right choice for you!

Customer Service

Truthfully, the plumbing repair is only one aspect of a great experience with a local plumber. When choosing the right plumber for your home’s needs, it’s essential to choose one that is easy to contact. Many plumbers these days offer multiple ways to contact them, including phone calls, email, text messages, and even social media! It may also be in your best interest to find a company that offers an emergency hotline in case you have a plumbing issue over the weekend, on holidays, or overnight!

Not only do you want to choose a plumber that will provide you with easy ways to contact them, but you also want to know you will be treated with respect when you reach out. Look for a plumbing company that clearly values its customers and will handle your requests with care, respect, and passion. When choosing a plumber, you want to know you mean more to them than just the money you pay them!


Choosing the right plumber is no easy feat. However, if you consider the five traits above, it should make the choice easier for you. Hilton Plumbing offers licensed and insured plumbers that go the extra mile to ensure you have a wonderful experience from the first contact to the end of your service! When customers choose Hilton Plumbing, they can rest assured that they’ve made the right choice!