Is Kickass Torrent Still Active?

Kickass Torrent is the king of torrent file-downloading sites! Do you have any idea Why it is called like this? There was a period when this particular online portal was celebrated all across the world for its features on downloading any music, movie, or any media content.

This was the treasure for someone seeking rare content and the people who want to display the rare content. 

Obviously, this is not a great thing for the media industry as there seemed to be an endangerment to the revenue for their files. The kickass torrent had one million users per day in its blooming period. However, this didn’t continue after the United States government seized the domain and shut it down. 

What happened to the kickass torrent, then? Is it still running with the same vibe? It’s not that easy to rise again when it has a black mark that is under supervision.

Let’s know the journey after the shutdown of the most devoured torrent file-sharing platform! 

History of Kickass Torrents

The history of Kickass Torrents starts with understanding the concept of torrent files. This is the online peer to peer file sharing mode with a network. Here, much content is collected and curated to your convenience to get everything under one roof.

This most effective and fast downloading is often helpful when you download a movie or a music album. The Kickass Torrents was introduced to the world in 2008, and it flourished rapidly to be the most popular torrent site. 

What Happened to The Kickass Torrents?

What Happened to The Kickass Torrents?

The law never allows any illegal activity. Similarly, downloading pirated content or content with copyrights without any concern from the copyright holder is considered an illegal activity, and the site was deactivated in July 2017. And the owner of the Kickass, Artem Vaulin, was also taken down by the authorities.

Is This the End of Kickass Torrents?

Finally, what do you think? The future of Kickass Torrents has been doomed and shut down. How can someone more energetic and useful can vanish like this? Do you think this is the final one? It’s not predictable with these challenging sites.

This site has faced a recuperating period to have a track record from closing to the legal issues they have faced. But many more replicas of alternate sites have emerged out of nowhere to take hold of its place.

The Katcr. The site has been launched with mirror features from the Kickass torrents site. This new torrent site has similarities to the original portal of Kickass. This site has been run by the Kickass torrents contributors and some of the people from the uploading team who are more committed to the site. 

Even though the authorities try to shut down torrent sites, this has become a more powerful demand for users who like to share and download digital media files. These websites are constantly updating the latest movies, software, games, music, and TV shows. 

Additionally, there are many proxy websites on the internet that allow users to access blocked torrent websites. The proxies usually create traffic to the original sites through another server by allowing users to download and access all the desired torrent file contents. Even though these proxies give you access to torrent files, these are not a reliable and safe mode of platforms.

You need to use them with more caution when accessing blocked content. 

Rebirth of The New Kickass Torrents

Rebirth of The New Kickass Torrents

The all-new resurgence has happened, and the Kickass torrents are back with new energy. This has multiple variables of new proxies and other alternatives for downloading the top-quality torrent files. It has content for everyone from cine lovers to creative individuals looking for a fresh plan. The advanced features attached to the new version of the site make it more secure, and additional features are for the users’ benefit. 

Features of The New Kickass Torrents

Features of The New Kickass Torrents

Newer is always better on the technology side. It has a comprehensive collection of libraries for torrent downloads along with updated features for categorizing and organizing the content for you to find and download easily.

It’s just sleek and neat, and you can simply go through the categories that are more user-friendly and search for the particular title you have been looking for. And as a bonus, you can arrange them by relevant to the date of downloading. 

One additional benefit of this updated site is the review system, which enables users to check for high-quality content with more reliability. The main feature of this new Kickass Torrent is the priority for security to the users.

Now, this website gives protection to safeguard their users from HTTPS connections and also gives the option to use the VPN to give you added safety. This will help in many circumstances when you download copyrighted content. 

The new Kickass Torrents is a treasure of resources for anyone looking for current trending and net-worthy torrent files.

Let’s Recap The Rebirth!

The Kickass torrents are like jellyfish. You can’t find its head or toe, but its presence is undeniable. The kickass torrent site has provided the facility to download torrent files with less hustle and energy in one place. 

After shutting down the main Kickass Torrents site, many stems and leaves of these sites started showing up and providing the same services, or a few proxy sites let people access the already present torrent file. Even though the law authorities try to shut down every single torrent site, few exist to share the files. 

Now, after all these controversies, the new version of Kickass Torrents has been launched with a super updated presence. It has many more features to rely on and use this platform for downloading. What do you say? Are you satisfied with the current update for taking responsibility for your security?

Let us know in the comments!