Is Kickass Suitable for Kids?

The torrent site, Kickass Torrent started as a small site, but with time, it became a well-known platform for sharing files. With its massive content library and added security, it became a destination for users to share files. 

While Kickass torrent had a few great features and millions of files that users could download, the torrent site was shut down because of a violation of copyright law. But even if the torrent site is inactive, people access the files using mirror or proxy links. 

While it is convenient to access the files distributed across the Kickass torrent, is it safe to use it? Are there no safety threats? 

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Kickass Torrent: What it is

Kickass torrent, like any other torrent, enables the distribution of torrent files and magnet links of media files like movies, software, or games. 

The torrent provides in-depth information about each, including the file type, languages, and size. Additionally, it also has information about the seeders and leechers. 

The benefit of using Kickass torrent, among other torrent types, is that the detailed information provided helps users determine reliability. With an active forum for this torrent, you can find a lot of tips and tricks that keep your surfing and downloading safe. 

The servers of the KAT torrent do not lag like other torrents, so the speed is relatively higher for this torrent. The library is updated regularly, allowing users to get their hands on the latest content. 

With each torrent file, there is an option where you can comment and share a review, helping other users to analyze and find reliable sources. 

Shutdown of Kickass Torrent 

Shutdown of Kickass Torrent

Like other torrent sites and software, Kickass Torrent faced problems because of safety and legal concerns. The main reason why Kickass torrent went offline is the distribution of copyrighted items without the knowledge of copyright owners.

Because of copyright infringement, the copyright holders notified the torrent site. The violation of intellectual property rights by the illegal distribution of copyrighted content led to the shutting down of the website. 

Understanding Why it is Illegal to Use

Understanding Why it is Illegal to Use

If you carefully use torrent sites, it is possible to use them without affecting the security or privacy of your system. But one thing you must know about torrents is that they use pirated media plays that are distributed on different servers and available for download to users.

Using a P2P (peer-to-peer) network, torrent sites enable the download of files (which usually have pirated content). The only shortcoming with kickass torrent sites is the illegal distribution of copyrighted materials. 

Can We Still Access Kickass Torrent Websites?

Can We Still Access Kickass Torrent Websites?

While the website was banned because of the acts of piracy, multiple mirror sites for this torrent are still active. The mirror sites for Kickass torrent, hosting data similar to the original site, still provide a great variety of content that can be downloaded.

The reason mirror sites still have downloadable data is that mirror sites act as backup sites containing data similar to the original website.

Just like using a torrent site for downloading copyrighted material is illegal, the use of mirror sites is illegal as well. So, if you are proceeding with a mirror site for a kickass torrent, make sure you take the right precautions to not affect your safety. The site can now be accessed by new proxies to download the plethora of content the website owns. 

The upgraded torrent site, which is now available to download media files, has a user-friendly interface with a rating system. The rating system of the site helps the users to filter desired and reliable content. The updated version of the torrent site also focuses more on the anonymity and security of users.

Various methods help users have a secure connection as they proceed with the accessibility of torrent files. Some of the ways it safeguards privacy are by adding security with a VPN connection and using a secure HTTPS connection whenever a user accesses the site. 

Are Kickass Torrents Safe to Use?

Despite the discontinued use of Kickass torrent, a lot of people are still using it to share and download media files. So, while it is being used, let us understand if it is safe to use or not. 

While torrenting offers the challenge of unwanted installation of malware or viruses, if you take the right measures, the chances can drop significantly. Whenever accessing any data or media file from a proxy or mirror site of the torrent site, always use a VPN connection for added security. 

Antivirus software monitors your system’s safety and prevents program downloads from unreliable or unknown sources. Make sure you never click on pop-ups present on torrent sites. 

As you are finding the desired type of media file you want to download, carefully analyze if it is secure and safe to download. You can do this by thoroughly going through the comments on the torrent site. 

Kickass Torrent Alternatives

While the use of Kickass torrent is limited, there are a lot of torrent websites that work similarly to Kickass torrent. Here is a list of torrent files that you can use as an alternative to kickass torrent. While these alternatives can work great for providing files to you, it is still advised to take all the safe measures whenever surfing any torrent site. 

  • 1337X
  • The Pirate Bay
  • EZTV
  • LimeTorrents
  • Torlock
  • ExtraTorrent
  • YIfy Torrent


Kickass torrent site grabbed the attention of a lot of users with its extensive content library and user-friendly interface. However, the violation of copyright laws resulted in the shutdown of the torrent website. 

While the media files are still accessed by use of proxy sites and mirror sites, it can make your system susceptible to malware or virus attacks. With the right precautions, you can protect your system and still take advantage of this torrent site. 

Some of the important ways to ensure safety are to use a secure VPN connection, avoid pop-ups, and only download content from trusted sources. 

Happy and safe torrenting! If you have any queries, we are just one comment away!