Do Ring Doorbells Always Record

Ring Doorbell has emerged as one of the best elements in the recent past as people’s home security assistant.

Ever since the evolution of the doorbell’s video features back in 2014 by Ring, it has continuously taken giant strides ahead and has done justice to the latest technological advancements.

Its Wi-Fi mechanism, when connected, lets you receive a notification whenever any motion is detected. You can easily view feeds. However, there are several concerns as well that bother the client and potential customers associated with this product.

Are ring doorbells waterproof, can it be hacked, how efficient is it, and a few more? Although a main question that has left many of you quizzed lies unanswered, do the ring doorbells always record?

Well, we shall try to figure out the answer to this specific question in this article and see what else we can discover for you.

Do Ring Doorbells Always Record?

Do Ring Doorbells Always Record?

Well, to answer this question without any further ado, it’s a resounding no that the ring doorbells don’t always record. Instead, its mechanism is so designed that it can record and store the data when a motion is detected.

Potential users are advised that you subscribe to its exclusive plan to avail yourself of monitoring services around the clock. To answer specifically why it doesn’t record 24/7, the answer is clear: it prevents the system from storing unnecessary things to avoid overloading.

With this, we have covered the most specific question. Now in sync with this, let us jump to another significant aspect that might interest you: does it record sound? Let us check what the company has to say and what its products do.

Do Ring Doorbells Record Sound?

Do Ring Doorbells Record Sound_

Not all of it, but some do record sounds alongside the videos. The most prominent of all include the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Ring Video Doorbell Elite, and the Ring Video Doorbell 2.

Once your doorbell starts recording, it will be recording all the sound in its periphery and reach. Apart from that, you can also speak through the device to indulge in a two-way conversation.

However, we strongly recommend checking and exploring before you make the purchase to ensure that all the features are actively functioning. 

When Does Your Ring Doorbell Record?

When Does Your Ring Doorbell Record?

With some basic information, we are now to another specific aspect related to the ring doorbell. There are a few triggers that can set the recording feature in your doorbell rolling.

We break it down into three aspects for a detailed understanding.

  • When your ring door sensors’ motion sensors detect any movement that could qualify as motion, they start recording. If you have a Ring Protect Plan, the application will save this recording.
  • This mode will be manually enabled. In order to access the video stream in live view, you are required to open the application. However, the live capture that you are able to see in your live view will only be saved into your account if you have subscribed to the relevant Ring Protect Plan.
  • Apart from the two above-mentioned ways, your ring doorbell will get activated when someone presses the button. As soon as this happens, the device will start recording whatever takes place in its periphery after that.

How to Know Whether My Ring Doorbell is Recording?

How to Know Whether My Ring Doorbell is Recording?

There is nothing much to bother about this one thing: your device will notify you once your device starts recording, and you also have the option of checking for the red LED light that is displayed on it. When it’s on, it implies that the device has now begun recording. 

This brings along another significant question in front of us: how long does Ring Doorbell keep recordings? Well, to answer it, this one thing depends on the Protect Plan that you have purchased and how timely you are getting your subscriptions reactivated. If you have a Ring Protect Plan, you can easily access, download, or delete the videos stored.

The essential point to note here is to ensure that you are covered under the plan throughout the period you wish to record and that there is no lapse between coverage to avoid losing access to any of the stored videos. If your plan expires, the recordings associated with your account will be deleted automatically following the date of expiration.

Who Can View the Recordings Done on My Ring Doorbell?

Who Can View the Recordings Done on My Ring Doorbell?

This is one aspect that you are required to be very sure of. No one else can view the recordings made by your ring doorbell or any other devices of the ring until you voluntarily grant access to some other people or group. 

This particular feature offers you 3 sharing options that include the following. 

  • Adding others to your account to grant access to your data.
  • Create a shared link and send it to the people you want through email or text. This thing allows others to view your recording, download it, and even delete it by using the link.
  • By posting them on the Neighbors app by Ring or publicly on the Internet, you let members of the general public access your recordings.

Ring Doorbell: Final Thoughts

Although the Ring Doorbells do not offer 24/7 recording yet. However, the company has promised to roll over this feature in the coming days.

If you are looking forward to the same, make sure that you make up the subscription rights that are available in order to hold onto the recordings done by your device.

Make sure that you keep a tab on other requisites and loopholes of the product so that you don’t mess up after making the purchase.