Home Improvement Ideas for Remote Workers

When your home doubles as a workplace, you have to use space strategically. Whether you use your home doubles as an office or a workshop for creative projects, you need to create an environment that makes you comfortable and also promotes productivity.

Plan an Addition

If you have enough room in your yard, adding more square footage onto your house is a fantastic way to make it more conducive for working from home. In warm weather regions, a sunroom or Florida room is a great option. Installing spacious sunrooms Tampa is an amazing way to create a unique, open-feeling workspace. This feature is going to give you an opportunity to enjoy more of the outdoors while also providing you with a setting where you can use your laptop, talk on the phone, or make use of an eye-catching backdrop for virtual meetings.

Another advantage of having a sunroom is that it can prompt you to be more energy efficient. Remember that you’re likely to use more electricity than people who don’t spend their workday at home. In a screened sunroom, you could be comfortable in the ambient temperature instead of being totally reliant on an energy-draining AC all day long.

Remodel Your Basement

You want to be able to compartmentalize your work life from your home life, but that’s tricky when you’re doing both in the same place. Consider converting an area of your home that you aren’t doing much with now into usable space. Your basement is a perfect place to enhance your house’s usable square footage.

Remodeling a basement may seem like a daunting proposition, but it isn’t quite so complicated as you might imagine. The first thing you’ll need to take care of is waterproofing it and addressing any issues with excess humidity. Basements can trap moisture, so air can feel heavy. Improving air flow with ventilation, installing a ceiling fan, and using a dehumidifier can effectively remove moisture from the air.

After you’ve taken care of these items, all you’ll need to do is hang drywall. It isn’t an overly complex undertaking. In fact, a lot of companies with a primary concentration on interior painting also handle drywall work. Next, you’ll pick a flooring material that’s simple, durable, and eco-friendly. Choose an option that’s affordable and also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Put in a Home Gym

For a lot of avid gym goers, the best time to go is on the way to or from work. When you don’t have to embark on a commute every day, planning your gym outings takes steadfast resolve. It may feel hard to justify taking time away from the other things you need to be doing.Unless you do it consistently, getting up the will to get in a gym outing might seem like an exercise in futility, and that’s true for both remote workers and road warriors. It’s extremely difficult to achieve lasting progress without regular, challenging physical activity.

Putting a gym in your house will encourage you to invest in your personal fitness and self-care in a way that doesn’t detract from your focus on your work. A home gym might actually facilitate better focus and concentration throughout the day. Taking regular breaks throughout the day keeps you sharp and staves off mental fatigue. If like most remote workers your work is mainly sedentary, it’s especially beneficial to incorporate some physical activity into your breaks.

Even if you have limited floor space to work with, a home gym is a fairly manageable improvement. Cover flooring with a nonslip, foam mat that is at least three quarters of an inch to protect floors from damage and make your exercise area safer.

To save space, mount racks to store equipment on your wall. To complete the full gym aesthetic, install a floor-to-ceiling mirror on one side of the room that is at least four feet wide. You don’t have to fill every foot with expensive equipment to create a great gym. Choose one or two pieces that enable you to utilize multiple muscle groups.

Since working from home means you’ll probably spend most of your time there, it’s important to make improvements that will allow you to make the best possible use of your space. Start planning projects that can make your living space highly functional, thoughtfully designed, and primed to help you use your time productively.