In the last few years, the home security industry has significantly advanced in the amount of products available, the level of functionality, and overall performance to bring consumers the absolute best in home protection and home security system. This article includes some of today’s top tech innovations in home security products and capability.

Smart Robots on Patrol

Home security devices, especially those that utilize smart technology, have come a long way in recent years. The market now includes smart robots that can patrol your property and monitor the area. These robots have the same functionality as regular HD security cameras, such as night vision and sound/motion sensors, but with the added feature of mobility to patrol the premises. The robots can be controlled from your smartphone through an app whenever you notice a blinking blue light.

Bluetooth Capability

How many times have you arrived home after dark or holding a wide assortment of personal effects, groceries, and kids in tow, only to have to fumble around to disarm your home security system? If that’s happened more than once, then having this new Bluetooth technology with hands-free disarming will feel like a blessing. This handy feature will automatically disarm your security system once you’re in range of the sensor.

Security Systems Using A.I.

Investing in wireless home security systems can be a great way to protect your family and your home from an intruder or danger. Many systems on the market today will send a notification when something happens, such as someone walking onto your property or a car pulling into your driveway. Some surveillance systems will send notifications to agents who’ll act in your stead and try to persuade them to leave. However, sometimes that person walking onto your property is just a neighbor coming to return the tool he borrowed or that vehicle is just the local carpool dropping off your child from soccer practice. These are hardly reasons to be notified.

Security systems using artificial intelligence have enhanced features that explain what exactly triggered the motion detector. You’ll know whether it’s your neighbor walking over for a visit, your child being dropped off, or perhaps a friendly deer that decided to graze on your grass.

WiFi 6

This next generation of WiFi promises not only speed, but the capability to operate multiple wireless home security systems without any lag. It was designed in response to the recent growth in wireless products to make sure owners would be able to operate multiple products without sacrificing performance. This gives you the ability to have a highly advanced home security network running smoothly and efficiently, which means more comfort and peace of mind for homeowners.

Video Doorbells

These cool devices allow owners to see who is at the front door or when packages have been dropped off. The camera automatically activates once it senses someone at the front door and streams video for you to monitor. Video doorbells are also great tools to help prevent would-be thieves who might be scouring the neighborhood looking to steal delivery packages left on doorsteps. Basic features often include live streaming, mobile alerts, and two-way audio. Other features could include reviewing recordings or saving clips but these usually require a monthly subscription.