Can you call the police for someone ringing your doorbell?

Hearing an unexpected doorbell can be a little scary! You get a mini heart attack when it happens at the most awkward time. 

Have you ever experienced a knock on your door at midnight? You might wonder, “Is the doorbell ringing on its own or someone is actually at the door?” 

What do you do in such a situation? 

Will you panic, go back to sleep, or wake up and courageously walk to the door? Every individual will have a different approach to this crucial situation. Getting unexpected knocks on the door are the most unpleasant surprises at night. When you are living with kids and aged family members, it is even scarier. It feels like a threat to their safety.

This blog shares the possibilities of what can be done when a doorbell rings at night. Don’t worry and get scared, read ahead to prepare for your family’s future safety. 

Did Someone Unexpectedly Ring Your Doorbell?

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When was the last time this happened to you? How did you respond to this situation? 

Such events depend a lot on the area in which you are living. If your buildings are surrounded by kids and teens, there are chances that they might be pranking around pressing the doorbells. Another possibility is having salespeople visit to sell and advertise their products. Last, but not least, it can be an error in the doorbell system and it might start ringing on its own. 

It’s good to remain aware of what could be the situation, however, do not always approach it with fear. There are many possibilities when somebody rings your doorbell when you least expect it. If you are new to an area, ask your neighbors about the locality and know better instead of panicking. Below are some of the things you can do to keep yourself and your family safe in such instances. 

What Should You Do to Safeguard Yourself? 

What Should You Do to Safeguard Yourself?

Even before someone comes and rings the bell, it is always necessary to keep your door locked when you are busy with work. If a burglar is planning to rob your place, they might forcefully enter your home. Keeping your home door locked will at least stop such incidents from happening. 

If the unexpected doorbell comes in during the daytime when you might be expecting some guests, ask for details. There can be many visitors during the daytime with genuine intentions. If you are not expecting any guest and still hear a doorbell, communicate with the guest through a closed door and ask for their name and purpose. Once you are assured that they are indeed safe for your family, you can open the door. If there is no answer from the other side, this might be a serious situation. 

If there is no response despite communication and the person seems suspicious, it’s time to call the police. Somebody might have a plan to break into your home and can be checking on you. Some burglars ring a doorbell to see whether the house is empty or not. So, always make sure to answer back and let the stranger know that there is someone home. Don’t just ignore the doorbells, especially the ones that happen at midnight. 

Share the video recording footage with the police as proof, if you have it.

There are some replies that you might get when you initiate a conversation:

  • They claim to be a service person from a specific company
  • They pretend to not hear your voice
  • They might ask for help and claim that they are hurt

In such situations, avoid opening the door and call 911 if anybody is asking for help. Use your door camera and audio to communicate clearly. If you have not booked any service, strongly deny it and tell them to go back. If you let your guard down and open the door, there might be an unpleasant consequence. It’s always better to think about your family’s safety and your protection. 

Is It Okay to Call the Police when Someone Rings Your Doorbell? 

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If you are living alone or need some help in dealing with such incidents, it is perfectly alright to call the police. As a piece of evidence to support your claim, keep a recording or audio or video from your camera. It will help them identify the person and take further action. 

Share the tiniest details from the time of the doorbell to the person’s tone of voice. If this is something that happens frequently, let them know the specific days and times on which it happens. You can ask for help without any hesitation. Don’t underestimate your fear and avoid such threatening signs. 

Be Safe and Happy

 People seem to forget that they have the freedom to deny any kind of contact with a stranger. A lot of people tend to open the doors out of politeness and courtesy.

If you fail to understand the trap set by these fraudsters, they will lure you into letting the guard down. This is what they want, after all. If you don’t feel safe, just let them know that you are not interested. 

Don’t let the burglars and scammers fool you into believing their point. Immediately call the police and talk firmly with the stranger. Never should the stranger feel that you are feeling fearful or alone.

If it’s about you and your family, nothing else should be a priority.