What is the Purpose of Big Basket?

Big Basket has been launched in India in 2011 as a great grocery delivery platform. Now, it has a presence in 25 cities by being the biggest online grocery shopping platform in India.

You can buy every cooking ingredient listed in the Big Basket platform, which has over 40,000 product listings. The reason and purpose behind this online grocery site is simple and purposeful. Easy grocery shopping can make you bypass the traffic during your shopping time.

Let us take you on a walk through the journey of a big basket to know the purpose of their success story!

The Purpose of Big Basket

The mission of Big Basket is to take you through the grocery shopping without getting into the grocery store to dodge the traffic and exertion. It’s totally designed to ease your shopping experience. They achieve all their ideas by giving purposeful services. The services provided by the Big Basket are,

1. Express Delivery

Express Delivery

The best feature of an online grocery platform is to give you the item as soon as possible. Now, the Big Basket has started the 90-minute doorstep delivery. If you have any urgent grocery needs, you can avail of this express delivery option. This express delivery makes it more loved by last-minute buyers.

2. Effortless Return Policy

Effortless Return Policy

After the order has been made, if you change your mind, you can always return the products by just clicking on your mobile app or the Big Basket website. If you have a valid reason, the platform will let you exchange or return the goods you purchased along with a cashback.

3. Scheduled Delivery

 Scheduled Delivery

Scheduling the delivery time is also a convenient feature to pick your preferred time for delivery. Big basket gives you the opportunity to book your delivery for special occasions and parties by scheduling orders. You can easily book the fruits or vegetables for the special day to be fresh, and there is no need for the risk of forgetting.

4. Smart Basket

Smart Basket

The smart Basket is the smartest choice for long-term buyers. This smart Basket contains the relevant products personalized for the customer. This customization is made with the customer’s previous purchases and history of preferences. This saves the customers’ time and energy by giving them a bundle of products from their ideas.

Especially if the buyers get a product for their home, the purchase will be relatively repeated every time. So, the specific preferences are kept in one place when they buy a household product.

5. Personalised Deal

 Personalised Deal

Once purchased, it is never forgotten. That’s the motto behind this. They value customer choices; after your first purchase, you will get a personalized recommendation from the site according to your previous order. This feature makes it the most desirable one among all of them. The deals are perfectly tailored to suit your purchase preferences and history. This affordable shopping is faster with better features.

6. Multiple Payment Options

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Any viable method is acceptable for payment in Big Basket, like a credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI, or any mobile wallet and the classic cash-on-delivery option. The payment procedure is a major issue in buying products online. If that doesn’t have many options, they could not stay with the site and move on. If you want to use different modes of payment, then a big basket is the right choice for your grocery shopping.

New Opportunities

If you’re interested in exploring Big Basket as a potential vendor, you can consider searching for ‘Big Basket vendor registration‘ to learn more about their platform and registration process.

One of their main focus and purpose is the customer’s satisfaction and making their life convenient. For this, they have launched three new businesses.

  • Bb Daily: This subscription-based purchase helps in buying groceries on a daily basis, like milk and other cooking essentials on a daily basis. The only thing is the order time should be before 10 PM, and the groceries will get delivered to you by the next morning, 5 AM – 7 AM.
  • Bb Instant: This is a vending machine for groceries, presently available in tech parks, corporate offices, and apartments.
  • Bb Now: This is the super fast delivery option, which ranges from 15 – 30 minutes. You can order your preferred choice with cooking essentials.
  • Fresh Stores: This is the first self-service store for customers in Bangalore. This offline retail store features a technology-driven shopping experience with the best experience.

Summary of Thoughts!

Big Basket has taken an inseparable place in Indian online grocery shopping by giving various options to choose from. The major purpose and plan for this big Basket is customer convenience. This enables the customer to go and buy their products without standing in a queue or getting James with the carts in those supermarket rows.

When they started at first, they just wanted to make a difference in the delivery partners and the customers’ lives. By giving the express delivery and effortless return policy, scheduled deliveries, personalized combos, and multiple payment options, Big Basket tends to put the customer as their first priority.

Have you ever ordered your groceries in a Big basket? If so, do share your experiences in the comment box!