One kitchen trend that has not left the eyes of the homeowners since its inception is the “tuxedo kitchen.” Under this, a dramatic amalgamation of the black and white colour combination is seen. It looks alluring and gives a quite royal feel to the kitchen to store your free delivery from bigbasket.

The best part about the colour black is that it does not get stained easily. At the same time, the colour white gives a timeless aura. When these two colours get merged, a dramatic combination is formed.

Homeowners who are looking to revamp their kitchen with a contemporary look may be thinking about using white kitchen counters, but they may want to opt for something darker, like black.

The look of black quartz counters in a white kitchen are stunning. To get more ideas on the latest white kitchen black counters trends, check out this site.

Why should one choose a black quartz counter?

This is one question that will always come to every homeowner’s mind while deciding what material or colour to choose for the counter. In terms of material, there are a variety of options available, but quartz is the one that sticks out. The reasons why quartz is preferred over other materials are:

  • It is durable.
  • It is non-porous.
  • It is heat resistant.

When it comes to selecting a tint for the quartz counter, black tops it up, and the colour black, as everybody knows, looks stunning. Its incredible beauty always pulls people towards it. If one wants a counter that can attract attention and fill the kitchen with elegance, black quartz is the one to go for.

Its immaculate finishing is the reason why people prefer installing black quartz counters. Homeowners looking to amplify the beauty of their all-white kitchen should install a black quartz counter. Here are some of the best white kitchen with black counters ideas that one can try out:

White Kitchen Counter Design Ideas:

Homeowners who like a kickass cooking area should opt for a white kitchen. It gives them abundant space where they can show their creative aspect. So, here are some of the designs that one can go for:

Spill some colour:

Why not spill some beautiful vibrant colours on the all-white kitchen with black counters? Sometimes a slight hint of colours can do the magic that even the most expensive things fail to bring into your gorgeous house.

For a white kitchen, there is plenty of room for experimentation. One can add an all-black counter to their kitchen to give it a regal look. Also, adding on some beautiful red coloured chairs will make the kitchen appear stunning.

Black coloured cabinets:

As a kitchen island is the centrepiece of the whole kitchen, one must use one’s creativeness over here. Going with black cabinetry in a white kitchen is a great option as it will make the kitchen island pop. On top, a layer of black quartz counter should also be laid to maintain the uniqueness of the kitchen island. As soon as someone enters the kitchen, the kitchen island will become the center of attraction immediately.

What more can one do to enhance the overall appearance of the kitchen? Well, put in beautiful golden handles on the cabinets. Then, add some aesthetic wallpaper on the walls and see how amazing the whole kitchen will start to look.

Stone backsplash:

Most of the time, householders have no idea how they can modify their simple-looking all-white kitchen. However, there are ample ways to play around with an all white space and revamp its overall look. One way of remodelling the kitchen is by using a stone backsplash.

The backsplash is the piece of material that lays over the walls of the cooking area. One can choose to revamp it by using a stone backsplash which is used quite rarely. By adding on a black counter which has some simple designs, one can enhance the overall look of the kitchen. Homeowners can make sure to incorporate the colour of the design into the cabinet area to create a synchronization in the kitchen.

Farmhouse style rustic kitchen:

If one wants a farmhouse-style kitchen, then a white kitchen with black counters is a style to go for. White kitchens are easy to decorate, and one can also have plenty of options to turn around the whole vibe of it. A black counter in an all-white kitchen is bound to get a lot of attention. Homeowners can revamp their white kitchen counters by installing a solid wooden cabinetry.

They can also put in several other elements that work well with the farmhouse style. Use a rustic lighting fixture that will go well with the rest of the kitchen aesthetic. Put up some wooden chairs, and the farmhouse-style kitchen is all set.

Using a wood range hood:

A glossy black counter looks gorgeous when it is used in a white kitchen. The detailed and glossy finishing of the black counter looks extremely well. Adding on a huge wooden range to the kitchen will make the kitchen stand out from the rest. The wooden range brings subtleness to the kitchen. It makes the kitchen appear more rustic.

Simple black and white kitchen counters:

Why go for anything fancy? Keep everything minimal and stick to the basic black and white tones.The white kitchen and black counters is the most popular combination for designing the kitchen. It might be a simple combination, but it never fails to capture the attention of the guests. One can use several things to enhance the overall look of the black and white kitchen, like installing a neutral-coloured chair. Also, adding beautiful silver-coloured lanterns can make the kitchen appear more appealing.


A black quartz counter is the best gift that homeowners can give their kitchen. Quartz is an extremely durable, non-porous and heat-resistant material. It can last a lifetime when proper care is given to it. When used in black colour, it enhances the appearance of the kitchen.

As quartz is an engineered stone, one does not have to spend time sealing it. Still, ensure not to expose the countertop to extreme heat or a rough environment. Clean it often with products that are suitable for it. This way white kitchen counters will have a longer shelf life.

Best of luck with your next kitchen project!