The experience of selecting and watching movies and TV shows gets exponentially immersive when the user interface of your streaming platform is attractive and user friendly. That is the case with most premium streaming platforms, and the free, illegal ones usually lag.

1Movies is one of the rare free streaming platforms that offers an intuitive user interface. It provides a fantastic collection of new movies as well as classic ones. But one issue that users are currently experiencing is that they cannot find the website’s URL.

That can be a mood spoiler if you have planned your weekend and looking forward to watching your favorite show after a tough week. It’s a pretty addictive website with a clutter-free interface and dollops of movies.

The website’s primary domain often gets banned because of copyright infringement issues. If you are facing a similar problem, you have come to the right place. We have come up with alternatives for you.

Although the website doesn’t change its main URL, which is still the same, you can access alternative URLs. ISP bans are the reason why you are unable to access the primary website.

The website, though, keeps coming up with proxy addresses that direct you to the main website. These alternate domains are hosted from another location, and hence the ISP bans don’t work on them. Here is some of the alternative URLs where 1Movies is active right now.

Alternative URLs for 1Movies

Alternative URLs for 1Movies

Here are a few of the currently active websites for 1Movies. You can check out multiple addresses to see which one works. These domains work faster, and you would be able to watch content without much buffering because of the lower traffic than the main website.

  • 1Movies Proxy/Mirrors
  • 1Movies

Most of these addresses are currently active and are pretty responsive. These domains may not be able to work all the time as authorities keep spotting and blocking these.

A simple google search, though, will always help you find new proxies. You might be wondering if these addresses are safe to use or not. Firstly you aren’t downloading any external app, so you don’t have to fear any malware entering your device. Here we discuss what these proxies mean.

What are proxy and mirror sites?

1Movies isn’t a legal streaming platform and hasn’t purchased the rights to stream content. That’s why it is often at loggerheads with production houses who file copyright infringement notices against them.

ISPs have taken quick action and banned these websites. If you face the issue, the only two solutions are using a proxy site or using a VPN service.

VPNs cost money and affect download speeds because of server issues. Proxy sites, though, offer just the same thing as the main website.

These sites are like clones to the original one and use a similar index; the library just uses a different address to get to the same website. 1Movies staff is behind these websites, and hence these are safe options.

Proxy websites are your solution to free unlimited content without paying a fee and getting fast download speeds. There’s no stopping you from watching the latest movies and web series like Money Heist, Avengers Endgame, and more.

All the proxy websites are 100% safe, and here you have a trick to unlock the 1Movies ban. Each proxy website works in its top ability one time or the other, so you can switch between these when one is down. Keep enjoying free content on 1Movies until it’s there working for you.

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